B: The Beginning - Reviews

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Mar 7, 2018

There is a world where tradition and science walk hand in hand, where old technology is still alive but also supported by new technology, where you can create anything with science but need humans beyond science to destroy it all. This is the story about a archipelagic nation of Cremona, which in a way resembles Italy or some other parts of Europe, where mysterious killer, Killer B, tries to get ride of people who commited crime and at first seems like a fallen angel. But is that really true?

The story begins strongly, with so many mysterious - about Killer B, about RIS - the Royal Investigation Service - which are fighting crime, and its investigators. Then it continues with even more mysteries, plot twists, flash backs, good music, nice animation and interesting characters. It also seems like at one poing we are in the past (because of old phones, cars) but on the other hand we are in the future (because of advance computer technology), and that we are in fantasy story which is based on scientific facts. It all works well, in originality and creativity.

There is also lots of humour especially around Keith - the genious and legend among investigators, who kind of acts crazy and as he lost his memories or is living in the past (which can also be true because as we get to know, his sister was murdered in the past). He is a really good character, who likes to be alone, has sharp mind and lives for solving crime. In a way he reminded me of older version of Kougami from Psycho Pass. Not only him, the whole story in a way resembles Psycho Pass but in my opinion it lacks in emotions, drama, suspense, but on the other hand it changes certain story parts which we didn’t like in Psycho Pass. 

But as said even though the whole ONA is really good and I couldn’t stop watching it until the end, it has some space for improvement. This story has many plot twists, but in my opinion they are not strong enough. Maybe because story is not complex enough or because there are some hints which you can use to predict what will happen next. Another reason could also be the pace of the whole story and its music. The whole pace is slower and it in a way relax you more than it should, the scenes, expecially in crucial situations, are sometimes also moving too slowly and the music is not as dramatic as we are used to in crime series. The change of sounds, music and pace could also improve its suspence and create stronger emotions in the viewers. The end of it also needs improvement, like most of original anime or animation series, because they mostly put everything into beginning and the middle, but lost time for the ending. It could be stronger and more open. It of course has a hint of continuation, but it is kind of lost in all emotions and information we got after main characters solved all the mysteries.

But overall, even thought this ONA could have stronger music, faster pace and more complex story, it works almost perfectly. It is easy to understand (because sometimes you gave up on certain crime series because they are so complex that you need so much knowledge of science or you need to keep attention for the whole series), everything makes sense at the end, characters are amazing, humour is on point, animation is very good. It could improve but still it leaves quite an impression.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Mar 3, 2018

Story:  A really twisted physiological story that will keep you in and wanting to know what will happen next. The whole story is in future with some SciFi but cars and building and some background features looks like in 40s or something around that time.

Animation: Really liked some features in animation. Such as a great edit on openig/ending. Also the text and structures that would pop up when the MC was thinkig and etc. looked really nice. The animation would be 9/10 if not the CGI at random times. I think the animation is mixed between 2D and CG. But I'm not the expert so don't quote me on this. Also there is some mature content such as blood and dead bodies and etc.

Sound:I loved it, the music was selected wisely and fitting for every spectrum of of the anime: sad, drama, comedy and etc. The voice acting was nice too. SFX-sound effects was also great. 

Overall: You can watch it if you have time. 

8/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
?/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Mar 18, 2018

B: The beginning is named such, for it ends on a cliffhanger.

The first episode fools you into thinking that this is a show about solving crimes, but it's actually a show about a mentally insane serial killer, prophesy of a black winged king and people created to be weapons.

My only real problem with the show, is that the diary should have been handled better: It's presented to the viewer on episode 6, it's shown to be missing 3 pages on episode 6, Koku is shown to be in posession of said 3 pages on episode 6 and Keith gets the 3 pages from Koku on episode 6. The 3 pages should have been shown at episode 1 or 2, Keith should have been shown to be reading the diary several times and at the end of an episode before the episode Keith get's the pages, it could have been shown that the diary is missing pages.

Story kept me "on the edge of my seat" even though I watched this from my bed, there were many interesting moments and a relatively satisfying ending.

Animation is good and combat scenes are exiting albeit short.

Sound is good, very mood fitting music and sound effects just plain work.

When it comes to characters, the main cast was well developed and interesting, but the side characters didn't get much screen time.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Mar 13, 2018

Story: I loved it! I love how they execute the story but leaving us in the dark about what's going on but at the same time, not making too confusing or boring to continue watching. Story is well paced; not too slow or fast and never a boring moment. The ending ended with a nice conclusion; the MC succeeded in what he set out to get back.

Animation: So-so for me. I've seen better but this is alright too considering Production I.G was in charge of it.

Sound: The soundtrack was not good in my opinion. At times, the music didnt bring out the tension of the situation, especially during the fight scenes. And at times, i find the music louder than what the character's voices.

Characters: I love all the characters in the anime. All of them are well designed and unique, especially the MC! I love everything about him, his powers and his VA!

9/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Jul 8, 2020

I can’t help but wonder, if this is just the beginning does it get better? Or is it just showing us how bad the rest of the series is going to be?

Story - 2/10

In a fictional country, that still resides on the globe we know, there has been an outbreak of gruesome killings, all which come accompanied by a calling card which resembles the letters B-lll, thus the new serial killer is dubbed “Killer B.” 

Hoping to unravel the mystery thats now ravaging their city, the Royal Investigation Services (R.I.S.) bring in detective Keith Flick, who became something of a legend because of his previous cases and ability to decipher complex codes and hieroglyphs. After seeing the text that was next to all the killings, Keith realizes that the truth isn’t what everyone has been assuming, as he’s seen this symbol before, and knows the person who actually uses it.

Our detective series now goes completely off course and turns into a show about a group of genetically engineered beings who were built, at first by the government, to revive an ancient group of gods. That main god is a boy named Koku, the one who was known to use the B-III moniker. Because of his status in the group, he’s now hunted by others who think that a prophecy has declared that they can gain his power through his death.

Things break away in two completely unrelated directions now as Koku goes on a search for his lost love, who is being held by those who want to kill him. Known as reggies, these drug addicted creations were actually built to be spare parts for Koku’s body, incase he ever needed them, and now work as killers for a private company. His story turns into basic and repeated fights, and pointless gore.

Back in the semi-normal world Keith now tries to find out who really runs this private company who directs the reggies, and it’s connection to his murdered sister. After an attempted sting goes side ways, he goes it alone and confronts his suspect, learning more about his own past and how ironically his rejection of killing others ended up being the catalyst for much of what’s gone on.

Their attempt to connect the two stories, through Keith’s father was a noble, but pointless, one; it almost seemed like they had the half of two story concepts and then tried to find some way to tie them together so they could have a singular show. Once who Koku really is, his connection to Keith, and the plot of the reggies is revealed the show just ends up being a slow trudge to a predicable ending. This is a mystery series with very little mystery, a suspense series with very little suspense, and a sci-fi-fi series with very little originality. Like many mystery series they fail at the most important part, keeping the viewer as one of the detectives, showing us clues and allowing us the chance to figure out the who and why.

Animation - 6/10

I really like the look they went with for the show, well if it stayed a detective series. Having almost the entire series taking place at night helps feed into the mystery and sense of danger that hangs over the more realistic parts of the series. That same darkness just makes the bad sci-fi sections seem a bit cheesy and at times it feels like they’ll use the darkness to cover up the bad plot and overdone, in the anime world, visuals.

The characters also tend to be a mixed bag of originality and interesting design. Keith had a good realistic look to him, but also he resembles pretty much every “troubled” detective in the history of entertainment. The other characters, from normal cops, reggies or “gods,” could have been picked out of dozens of other series. Likewise there were way too many scenes and image compositions that are ripped out of past anime series. Now all of these things were drawn and colored beautifully, but still just a bit too much artistic theft for my liking.

While the overall animation of this series was very well done, they made sure to include of metric ton of awful CGI scenes. There’s quite a bit of driving in the show, so all of those areas are covered in this terrible form of art, but to make things worse they then use the out of place looking vehicles even when they are stationary, so it just appears as if you have a floating shiny object on top of the frame, instead of actually in the world.

Sound - 6/10

The only real theme song for the show, outside of some moaning over strings for an opening, comes courtesy of one time Megadeath band member Marty Friedman, and it shows. The song fits perfectly in any eighties power metal playlist, and while not my favorite genre of music, the song does sound pretty good and fits the show’s tone perfectly.

Voice over work for this series was done really well, and I can’t see any point where the actors didn’t completely nail, or go beyond, what we would have expected. I also really enjoyed hearing Doug Stone, the great artist who covered Swanzo and Philippe Myers, back in a series.

Characters - 2/10

Outside of Keith Flick, the main detective who has the ability to solve the most complex codes, riddles and clues, the rest of the cast is pretty dull and awful. You have the super powerful boy who’s only goal is to find a girl. The cast of cops who are likable, but completely empty, and the psychotic group of killers who have nothing else going for them.

Even when they went ahead and gave us a look into the character’s pasts they didn’t do much to actually build them. If the story was more engrossing then maybe some of this could be looked past, but as it is these characters fail to make you want to continue watching.

Overall - 3/10

This series started out looking like it could be a pretty interesting mystery or detective series, but only a few episodes in it was clear we were getting another run of the mill Sci-Fi series about children who grew up with superpowers and the scientist/evil organization that manipulated them. 

They tried to do two completely different things and loosely tie it together, so they ended up failing at both. I think if they went full detective series it would have been a pretty good show, but heading in the opposite direction would have most likely made it even worse than it was, since the entire concept has been done much better a hundred times before.

2/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall