B: The Beginning

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The series is set in the future where scientists have tried to breed the “perfect human” in hopes of keeping peace in the universe. After nearly achieving their goal through three children, the scientists send their “new humans” for further training where they are kidnapped by an evil organization set on using their powers to implement their own concept of a new world order.

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This one got my heart going quite a bit. Though not very special as far as the story goes the execution is impressive. If a serious series doesn't want to be abstract and experimental, unreal things need a dose of reality injected with them to have their effect and the creators of B do this very well. We've seen the characters in this show before but they're more complete and more complex here than in most other anime, and I suspect that this has something to do with the little bits of humour that are continuously mixed in with the serious contemplation and revelation. Because it's not slapstick humour the characters become much more dynamic while staying within the bounds of their character. They're less of a caricature. This goes for the morose genius, the genuine girl with the perpetual foot in her mouth, the foolish but secretly wise veteran and for most of the villains too. The main villain, Regulus, gets an honourable mention for subtlety of portrayal, for which, in turn, the voice actor Morikawa Toshiyuki deserves much of the credit. The characters move in a world which is sufficiently unique to be tantalising without being distracting, and it's beautifully animated. There's a pleasing quality of movement unique to every character and that eye for detail can also be found in how cars move, a full cup lands in a rubbish bin and most of all, in the fight scenes. There's also a lot of attention to detail where textures are concerned. It should also be said that it's one of the few anime where I don't actively hate the theme song. I don't find it particularly good either but it's a huge step up from the usual frothy mess anime open and close with. My main critique is that the last episode or two felt a bit rushed. Multiple plot lines came to their conclusion requiring in some cases some more time than they were given. Other than that, though not a work of genius, it is a work of great craftsmanship and I'd place it high on any rakings list of the genre.


There is a world where tradition and science walk hand in hand, where old technology is still alive but also supported by new technology, where you can create anything with science but need humans beyond science to destroy it all. This is the story about a archipelagic nation of Cremona, which in a way resembles Italy or some other parts of Europe, where mysterious killer, Killer B, tries to get ride of people who commited crime and at first seems like a fallen angel. But is that really true? The story begins strongly, with so many mysterious - about Killer B, about RIS - the Royal Investigation Service - which are fighting crime, and its investigators. Then it continues with even more mysteries, plot twists, flash backs, good music, nice animation and interesting characters. It also seems like at one poing we are in the past (because of old phones, cars) but on the other hand we are in the future (because of advance computer technology), and that we are in fantasy story which is based on scientific facts. It all works well, in originality and creativity. There is also lots of humour especially around Keith - the genious and legend among investigators, who kind of acts crazy and as he lost his memories or is living in the past (which can also be true because as we get to know, his sister was murdered in the past). He is a really good character, who likes to be alone, has sharp mind and lives for solving crime. In a way he reminded me of older version of Kougami from Psycho Pass. Not only him, the whole story in a way resembles Psycho Pass but in my opinion it lacks in emotions, drama, suspense, but on the other hand it changes certain story parts which we didn’t like in Psycho Pass.  But as said even though the whole ONA is really good and I couldn’t stop watching it until the end, it has some space for improvement. This story has many plot twists, but in my opinion they are not strong enough. Maybe because story is not complex enough or because there are some hints which you can use to predict what will happen next. Another reason could also be the pace of the whole story and its music. The whole pace is slower and it in a way relax you more than it should, the scenes, expecially in crucial situations, are sometimes also moving too slowly and the music is not as dramatic as we are used to in crime series. The change of sounds, music and pace could also improve its suspence and create stronger emotions in the viewers. The end of it also needs improvement, like most of original anime or animation series, because they mostly put everything into beginning and the middle, but lost time for the ending. It could be stronger and more open. It of course has a hint of continuation, but it is kind of lost in all emotions and information we got after main characters solved all the mysteries. But overall, even thought this ONA could have stronger music, faster pace and more complex story, it works almost perfectly. It is easy to understand (because sometimes you gave up on certain crime series because they are so complex that you need so much knowledge of science or you need to keep attention for the whole series), everything makes sense at the end, characters are amazing, humour is on point, animation is very good. It could improve but still it leaves quite an impression.

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