Alt title: B-PROJECT: Kodou Ambitious

TV (12 eps)
3.402 out of 5 from 1,730 votes
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Tsubasa is a new hire in the A&R department of the major recording company Gandala Music. Tsubasa is immediately assigned to oversee the idol unit "B-PROJECT," which is made up of three idol groups: Kitakore, Thrive, and MooNs. This is Tsubasa's first job, and she gets involved in various incidents and accidents as she deals with this group of young men who each have their own differing personalities.

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Oh god............. How do you spot a bad plot? When you can't see the start nor end of it. My review will be based off of the first episode , which was utter trash. We start off with a dancing group (The B Project) dancing like they're advertising for a cheap candy product and then after the female protaganist swooning over every man she sees while they introduce her. Every character there seems so generic and bland that it's DISGUSTING , they even admit the stereotypes themselves for some of them. Story: So this girl will be managing or being the A&B as the call it for the B Project (several idol groups together) honestly I wanted to stop watching the first 5 minutes I've seen it. This plot layout set itself for literally NO pottential. The MC will probably help the B Project get shows set up and then fall in love with ALL OF THEM along the way like most reverse-harems , except they won't have enough time to do all of that. Because this anime will only last for 12-13 episodes. Sound: It's not horrible but it's barely acceptable too. The opening sounds very alike to Dance With Devils OP but it's a bit lackluster in creativity. Feels like any generic OP to me. Characters: No. This anime will probably throw itself into a dumpster with this set of characters. Do you know the idiocy of having more than 10 characters that are SUPPOSED to be relevant in a 13 episode show?! The introduction for each character was done in the most lazy way possible. Them introducing themselves to the MC , every single one of them.......... they also call out each other's stereotype as if reinforcing the idea. Animation: I find this to be the hardest to evaluate in this anime because the animation is not bad , it is in the wrong place. During introductions instead of having the characters just have a normal studio backround there are incredibly flashy backrounds behind each of them. We get it they're dreamy but please cut it out , it is unnecessary. In conclusion , the only person worth mentioning in this anime is the female MC (Though her character design is generic) she seems to be the most realistic person of the bunch and the most relatable too. However she is and probably will be doing except give emotional support for the idols in this entire series. Final words: This anime is bad.


I somehow finished this anime....and I was completely left with some questions to how this anime ended where the plot and climax of the stroy were just taking off... Plot and Characters: A-1 pictures is definitely trying to create another song and dance anime for those that loved Uta no Prince-sama series.The first episodes we're good but no sign of a plot was made as it progressed where they simply rolled through introducing thier individual groups and maybe some characteristics of their 10 idols. Each idol has thier cliche quirks about them and some idols had such minor roles you might end up forgetting about a few of them...hence the problem of creating a 10 person idol group that then divides into 3 individual groups of their own. Even if they were trying to out do Maji Love with thier 7 person group, more was not better here.  Maybe if they gave them more solid background of who each person was, then it would have been more interesting and rememerable. Though by the time it came to the climax, you could easily tell who was the antagonist and how it was going to end...theres no plot twists what-so-ever, and you're only really left with questions about who the MC really is. Note: she's basically the only one whose background even seems interesting thorughout the enire show; but who knows they may create a second season dedicated to that one cliffhanger...but who knows maye they'll surprise me and go a different route. Animation: Nothing wrong with the animation, it was actually pretty well done and as I have mentioned above, A-1 Pictures produced this anime so quality was good as expected. Sound: ....if you want to know if the songs were good...they were ok in my opinion...at the beginning.  Then they all seemed pretty forgetfull after that...except the opening and closing songs. I could not for the life of me get those two songs out of my head for some reason........... But really, this anime just left me with a lot of questions that are either being left for a second season if granted one, or just wanted to be unclear throughout the whole thing. To say the least, this anime could have had great potential but instead left me bored and confused as I patiently watched and wasted my time.

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