Azur Lane

TV (12 eps)
2019 - 2020
Fall 2019
3.205 out of 5 from 2,129 votes
Rank #12,008

Azur Lane, a combination of all the different Camps in the world, was once successful in repelling the underwater menace, the Siren. Now splintered, they must face a new threat in Red Axis, former allies who crave to wield this otherworldly Siren technology for their own nefarious desires! Who will be victorious in the never-ending war between these battleship girls!?

Source: Funimation

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DISCLAIMER:  If you're watching this with the intentions of finding an in-depth story of accurate, nonfictional World War II events, then STOP! Read no further! This anime is not for you! However, if you're watching this for some cute (and hot) looking Anthropomorphic ships fighting each other, then this IS the anime for you! Story:  2/10 There's really not much to say in regards to a sophisticated, detail-oriented plot. Essentially, Azur Lane is about a group of naval fleets from around the world fighting an unknown and unexplained enemy known as Sirens, who possess immense, highly-advanced technological power. These naval fleets ban together to battle and defeat this common enemy. However, as time carries on the once allies soon become enemies amongst themselves, and they lose sight of their true enemy, the aforementioned Sirens. And so... ...this is what Azur Lane is about! It is the great representation of the "real" battles of World War II. It is the great tale of naval conquests. It is the great story of naval warships. It is the great diegesis of hot, attractive, and kawaii girls! It is...wait, what!? Come again!? That's right! You read that correctly! Truly, Azur Lane is the antithesis of anything and everything that actually resembles all of the above as it pertains to World War II. More over, when the story line starts to take itself more seriously, that's when it goes from silly fun to just bad! The important thing here to remember when watching is to completely forgo the plot and enjoy the lovely lady ships and all the battles they have with each other. Animation:  5/10 At the time this review was publicized, Bibury Animation Studios had a large catalog of six total anime listed in the A-P database. In other words, they are a new player in the world of Japanese animation, and it shows. That's not to say that the studio doesn't merit some praise. The color palette in the art is typically vibrant, which causes various characters and scenes to "pop" when watching. Sadly, that's all I can say about the artistry. The details are plain and the CG is anime usual, bad! In regards to the animation, the battles are fun and executed OK. However, there are way too many lengthy scenes where still frames and filler audio are used to encapsulate the audience, which typically doesn't succeed in any anime, not just this one. Sound:  7/10 After a one time listen, just skip both the OP and ED. They aren't that good at all, although the OP is at least tolerable. Now the actual sound effects that happen throughout each episode, especially in the battle scenes, are particularly good most of the time. The music in the episodes is adequate as well. Characters:  5/10 Belfast (light cruiser) and Enterprise (aircraft carrier) spend a significant portion of time together, which is fantastic because they are the two hottest sea worthy ships I've ever seen! If I could be an anime character in the Azur Lane universe, I certainly would want to be a destroyer and for good reasons. They'd be my primary targets for sure (wink wink)! But I digress, forgoing my male perversion towards sexy battleships and the like. The remainder of the girls, err, sea worthy ships are a HUGE group of classes, shapes, and sizes! There are so many crammed into the 12 episodes that it's difficult to really discover more about their "historical" significance and details. The biggest, most significant uncovering of them comes in the way of episode six. Here is where the brief, but detailed information is denuded in regards to the majority of the ships' interiors. Aside from that specific episode, the only other standouts who get a fair amount of screen time, and/or represent any manner of importance to the storyline are characters such as Ayanami, Cleveland, Javelin, Kaga, Laffey, the other main character, Akagi, and the two Siren ships, Observer and Tester, who are rather scary with their uncanny, manly deep lady voices. Even Barry Eugene Carter's voice isn't that deep, and that's saying something! Lastly, the characters are fun to watch and have enough variety in personalities to warrant an "OK" overall score. Overall: 28/50 If you go in with the mindset of not taking this seriously and remove the fictional storytelling of historical naval ships and events, then there is some fun and enjoyment in this anime adaptation of the mobile game that is known as Azur Lane. Entertainment Score: 6/10 Achievement Score: +3 to Overall My expectations were Low, and it delivered Slightly Above those expectations. 2️⃣Weighted Average System Score: (6 + 5 + 7 + 15 + 12 + 3 = 48/100 points) Age rating:  TV-14+ (violence, episode six, select moments of sexual innuendo) Additional Information: Video Format:  1080p HD Streaming Audio Format:  English dubbed Publisher:  Hulu Equipment Used:  LG 60UH6550 4K TV, Vizio 5.1 Sound Bar System SB3651-E6, Sony Blu-ray Player BDP-S5200


Azur Lane. I'm an old-ish EN player of the game and so, back in 2018, lots of us thought an anime for the game would be pretty good. Now, its a long while later and hell, for me, the anime was just not good. At the start of this year, I started to delve into the game's lore just to get the story of whats goin on. For the anime, lore wise, I'm pretty disapointed.  Some things I thought was bad/not too right for the anime was this: There was just too much of a focus on Enterprise. Look, yeah, Enterprise is one of AL's poster girls, but holy shit. There was just too much focus on her and she was made hero 90% of the time, which I didnt enjoy. Yeah, I have a bias against Enterprise, but I wont discredit her for bein a main character. I feel she was too much. The "ship" of Enterprise and Belfast. Like, c'mon, why does this exist. The two kept bein attracted to each other like it was gravity.  The premise of Lore Lore, lore, lore. The anime tries to portrait the lore as the peaceful timeline. (Y'know, interface of the game itself. Dorm, school, ect.) But then they broke up and formed the Crimson Axis. Lore wise, Im pretty troubled, not by this, but by the existance of "Project Orochi", which does not exist in the game's lore. In case you read this, spoiler alert, Project Orochi is what Akagi and Kaga used to bring back Akagi's older sister, Amagi.In the lore, YES, Akagi and Kaga have a goal to bring back Amagi with the help of the Sirens, but thee is no "Project Orochi". With the Sirens, they are more in cahoots with the Iron Blood than the Sakura Empire, as Akagi and Kaga are keeping Siren involvement a secret from the Sakura Empire, while the Iron Blood's involvement with the Sirens are clear (game wise). Bismarck, a big part of lore EU Theatre wise, had pretty much 0 screentime, she was only seen in the anime, AT THE VERY END, aside from the opening. The way Enterprise and Ash (Alter Enterprise/Alterprise as players call her and Code G as Sirens call her) met, in my opinion, a shit way. In game, they met at chance during the event Ashen Simulacrum, an event I see quite important to lore as the Sirens attacked NY City (You'll get what city Im talkin of, but thats what they call it in game) which Ash and Ember (Alter Takao. She was also nowhere in the anime.) show'd that they have some degree of involvement with the sirens and ultimately met Enterprise. In the anime, they portrait Enterprise and Ash's meeting so some kind of ghost meeting/in your mind meeting, which I pretty shit, as that's not what happened in existing lore. the Enterprise and Belfast "shipping" mess doesnt exist either in game. There are other heroes than old Enterprise. As an example, in Aurora Noctis, two heroes were Howe and valiant, as they could defeat Omitter, an "Elite" Siren, you could say. Honestly, the lore of the anime gives me pain personally, but the anime has a few good things too. Fan service Fan service, a thing Azur Lane is pretty good at. The anime, as you could probably tell from my rambling, isnt good in a lore sense, but it's fan service is better. It shows a bunch of your favorite shipfus from the game, yea, sadly not every single one is shown, neither do they really speak, but they exist there in the background. From the start you see your shipfu in their poses and all, like in game, and as the anime geos on, you get to know em a tiny bit more. Like how Sheffield doesnt wear panties. You also get to see em in their swimsuits and even a dedicated bath scene on episode 6 where you can see plenty popular and less popular ships alike takin a nice steamy bath. Not to worry, there is an uncencored version of it soemwhere on the internet. Its also on the Blu-Ray, if I remember correctly.  The soundtracks I personally really enjoyed the opening, ending and music put into the anime, really nice. I dont know much about music, so this is all I can really say. Animation I liked how the anime was, well, animated. Yeah there was background derps, but othersise, pretty good. The studio that made it I dont know, but I feel tehy did a good job at it. Maaybe they should do less background derp, but its okay, we could make memes out of it. All in all, the anime has its ups and its downs. I personally didnt enjoy it story/lore wise, but the fan service was pretty nice and the style it was made in felt pretty good. The anime's biggest perk I'd say is, that it helps with the longevity of the game, as it gives extra exsposure and it gives Yostar, Yongshi and Manjuu more attention to the game they have worked hard on. Just more noobs to make fun of  More people to enjoy the game!

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