Ayatsuri Sakon

Alt title: Karakuri Zoushi Ayatsuri Sakon

TV (26 eps)
1999 - 2000
3.612 out of 5 from 811 votes
Rank #2,858

Tachibana Sakon is a skilled puppeteer with an unusual hobby: solving murders. Along with Ukon, a one-of-a-kind puppet made in the Meiji era, Sakon manages to find himself in a variety of life-threatening situations. Join the duo as they put their detective skills to the test in terrifying cases of revenge, malice, and murder.

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KiraRin's avatar
KiraRin Jul 25, 2010
Score 4.5/10

From my childhood years, I remember unfortunately stumbling across a video entitled Magic that would haunt me forever. Being a little naive, I had no idea that puppets were capable of mass homicide, but I now know better. So, was watching Ayatsuri Sakon, an anime series based around both murder and mystery... and a lifelike doll, really a good... read more

Alistoru's avatar
Alistoru Nov 8, 2010
Score 2/10

Yaaawwwwwwnnnn.... wake me when it gets better k? Huh? This review has to be 100 characters? Hmmm let's see... Crappy generic main character overshadowed by his more generic and loudmouth puppet. Solve crime, make bad jokes and waste my viewing time, Nuff said. read more

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