Ayane's High Kick

OVA (2 eps)
2.44 out of 5 from 634 votes
Rank #7,372

Mitsui Ayane is a spunky girl who dreams of becoming a wrestling champion. Unfortunately, her All-Japan wrestling auditions flop, leaving her on the fast track to nowhere! Luckily, the owner of Tangay Gym gives her an offer she can't refuse: train with him and become the best. What Ayane doesn't know, however, is his dubious plans to train her to fight in the arena of kickboxing instead! With newfound pressure and the possibility of being expelled, can Ayane rise to the test and prove her strength, or simply become a failure?

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sothis Aug 7, 2005
Score 6/10

Let's face it, folks. The plot of Ayane's High Kick is really nothing to scream about. There's nothing supernatural or unusual about it -- simply a girl who is training to be the best, under some fairly comical circumstances. But don't get me wrong, the "realness" of the plot is somewhat appealing. Instead of having hadoken type spiritual fireball moves or cheesiness, you get good old fashioned... read more



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