Attack on Titan The Final Season: Part II

Alt title: Shingeki no Kyojin The Final Season: Part II

TV (12 eps)
4.444 out of 5 from 16,458 votes
Rank #35

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It has great animation, but I can’t say that about the story. As the story continues there are betrayals of betrayals. No surprise there. What is worst shoehorning plot twist into the first season, which obviously wasn’t even hinted before [1]. It did not exist in the previous seasons. The action segments are enjoyable and still the best part. I liked the dilemma the characters had to face [2]. I was happy with some sort of origin story for titans as well even if it still has things, that are veiled in mystery. However, when the series tries to be deep about feels and ideas, that is boring. For that reason, I had hard time to go through some episodes, where characters mostly just talk. I know they had to go through the whole who started argument, but I didn’t care at that point. The retrospective storytelling continues, because before the end the show takes us back before the events in the fourth season. Yet, again to retroactively justify events in present. The season ending felt more like prologue to the final season if anything [3]. Soundtrack is ok, but OP isn’t as good as before like in the first or the second season. Overall, the fourth season isn’t as good as previous season. The first and the third season were still more enjoyable. Pacing feels pretty slow as well. It remains to just wait for final final part. Spoilers [1] Broken power of Eren instructing his father to do the stuff. Now we get sort of time traveling. [2] When having to kill their own people, including people they knew. [3] It ends with giants raising out of the sea and starting to trample over Marley city.

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