Attack on Titan: Junior High

Alt title: Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou

TV (12 eps x 17 min)
Fall 2015
3.576 out of 5 from 7,448 votes
Rank #4,668
Attack on Titan: Junior High

The hit show Attack on Titan is reimagined in this feel-good junior high microseries! See all your favorite characters getting into middle school shenanigans complete with secret love interests, class presidents, and chaotic cultural festivals. Eren and his friends are the hapless first-year students at Attack Junior High, a unique school for both humans and Titans alike. That's right... Titans go to class, too-in their own gigantic classrooms with their larger-than-life school supplies and benches as big as buildings! And while most humans are happy to avoid the massive monstrosities, Eren will stop at nothing to exact revenge on the hungry Titan who ate something more precious than human life-his mom's homemade chee-burg bento! Join the secret Scout Regiment as they plan to stop the Titans while Eren masters the omni-directional mobility gear to clean the massive wall surrounding the campus.

Source: Funimation

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This review is as of episode 5, my views may or may not change by the end of the series, if my opinon does change, so too will this review. STORY The story, while entertaining, is confusing at first, not a lot of detail goes into telling us what is happening in this school life version of AoT. Though I probably shouldn't expect a fully comprehensive story out of a parody, should I? ANIMATION The animation on this is downright exceptional considering this is just a short project to keep fans happy until season 2 is released. It is fluid and manages to capture the right moods in the right ways. SOUND They used music from the original series, which is nice, but the remake of the opening seems just a bit much, I understand that they are trying to capture a different mood with this series, but I would honestly prefer the opening to either be a new one, or to recycle the original opening music like they did for the rest of the soundtrack. CHARACTERS The characters are exactly what they should be for a middle school, school life anime. Cute, almost chibi type characters. They did a good job emphasizing the main feature of each characters personality. The only reason this did not get a 10/10 was because I did not appreciate how they made Armin. Something about the way they portrayed him just irritates me. OVERALL This anime highly reccomended by me. If you are a fan of the show, and have a sense of humor, this is perfect for filling in the time until season 2 of AoT is announced. I hope that this will continue after season 2 of AoT is finished. I would love to see how they address all the characters and all the development that takes place later in the show.

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