Attack on Titan 3rd Season: Part II - Reviews

Alt title: Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3: Part II

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Aug 30, 2019

Ugh man, there's only one season left after this *tear*

Attack on Titan season three part 2 answers soooo many questions it leaves you reeling and trying to remember all the tiny things that had happened in previous seasons that have finally led up to these realizations. Even now I think about characters long gone and their reactions to things and how they now make so much more sense. Granted there are still things to be solved and answered, but for the most part we now know so much more then when we started. We finally got to the basement this season!

The power of the characters as they evolve and make tough decisions is so amazing and the heartache in this series is far more amplified as it feels like it gets darker with every passing episode.

As always 10 out of 10 soundtrack

10 out of 10 character development

And honestly one of the best stories ever written/adapted.

Can't wait for more ~

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Nov 13, 2020

NO SPOILER - As before, the AOT did not disappoint me. Once again I found emotion, violence, hatred, revenge in the story, but also friendship, bond and, above all, victory. I can't say I didn't know any of the real truth about the titans or the origins of them, but even so, the truth was far more serious and frightening than I'd thought. Anime has once again exceeded my expectations and I can't wait for the next series.

I will certainly look at AOT films and OVAs in the near future, because it is always a very interesting and exciting experience. I would really recommend this anime to anyone with a strong temper who is not afraid of blood and death, but who has a firm stomach. AOT really gives you a lot and also teaches you a lot and that, I think, is really great about this story...

10/10 story
10/10 animation
9.9/10 sound
9.8/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Sep 19, 2019

(spoiler free review) this season is brilliant. So many answered questions. It felt more like a grand cinematic ride than just an ordinary show. This show is especially brilliant for the younger generation because it makes us think. Throughout the seasons ive grown to care quite a bit for the lovable characters & was eager to see what becomes of them in this one. Now i am eagerly waiting for the final season. A criticism i would make is at times the plot is a bit confusing/convoluted so I had to rewind & think about the situation a few times. But its fine, good excuse to rewatch the show.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Jul 15, 2020


The anime plays with a viewer's sense of anticipation well to the point where I would be transfixed with whatever was going on at that moment, and as soon as an unknown factor came into the picture, I would be left dumbfounded. For example, in the 5th episode, the Cart Titan appeared and carried Zeke away, but I was just so absorbed with Levi's abilities and the sudden rush of temporary victory when he had the Beast Titan's pilot at blade point that I completely forgot that Levi never killed the Cart Titan.

The element of surprise is the anime's biggest advantage. They have an original story, and they can weave it however they want. With that said, an episode can fall flat or become memorable. I was at awe when the mass Titan transformations happened in the very 1st episode. I didn't entirely understand how Zeke got a hold of a lot of them, but I didn't care. Epic moment (for me) right there.


An eye for detail is as important as looking at the big picture and making sure that all set pieces are in place, no matter how small. Their animation is already great--from how the characters use their ODM gears, to how the Titans move and twitch. But what stuck with me the most (and my most favorite scene, animation-wise) was when Levi, Hange, Mikasa, and Eren entered the basement, and they lit a lantern. The light spilled outward. Just that scene alone was enough for the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up.


I'll start with Armin. One of the best characters in the entire series. He convinced himself that he was a coward, but time and time again, once he would come up with a plan, he would even go as far as sacrificing himself to see it succeed. He has grown to be a reliable strategist, and when he got burned, I almost stopped watching. "They can't just kill off Armin! THEY CAN'T! HE HAS TO SEE THE OCEAN! AAARGH!"

Levi has a serious disposition but says the funniest things. Hange and Sasha, as well, are a welcome comic relief. These three are strong in their own right, and their distinguishable personalities made them my personal favorites.

And with that, I think Eren is the most annoying person overall. If he isn't shouting, he's crying, and vice versa. Yes, he has gone through a lot of emotional trauma, but, as a character, I just don't have love for a protagonist who admonishes himself on almost every scene he's in.

9/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.8/10 overall
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Mar 4, 2021

Attack on Titan still makes the same mistakes it has been producing since 2013.


  • The characters keep explaining things after and as they happen — either in their head or in a flashback.
  • Not everything needs to be explained! This excess dialogue is slowing the plot down.
    • I have to admit; I want to know what characters are thinking before they die. However, Attack on Titan rarely does this.
  • Why did it seem like the Beast Titan knew about baseball when Attack on Titan takes place in 400 something C.E? .......
  • Attack on Titan’s art style has always been weird. The Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan’s anatomy and CGI are starting to feel uncanny, and it draws too much attention away from other details.
  • The Colossal Titan kicked Eren into a wall when it could have kicked him straight to the Beast Titan. What kind of lousy writing is this? I thought the objective was to capture Eren.
  • I still do not like short piss-stained hair girl. She is only an important character because she has royal blood. Take away her royal blood, and what is she? Regular garbage. She is royal garbage, and I want to see her turn into regular garbage.


  • I always liked the sounds of Reiner’s armored titan (the mechanical ones and his golem-like ancient voice).
  • I always wanted to see past events from the enemy’s perspective, and the show delivered in episode three.
    • Why can they not show flashbacks that people want to see and not waste the viewer’s time? R.I.P Marco
  • It has come to my realization that Mikasa is a dude. In fact, I like the idea of Mikasa being a dude more than a chick. She can be a girl at heart, though it would please me if everyone addressed her as a guy, and she used her deep voice all the time.
  • I am not going to spoil, but holy shit, this series is starting to get better!
    • I can not wait to talk about the plot in my season four review!
  • They “dealt” with a character I was not too fond of.
  • Oh my god, Misaka with bedhead hair is doing something to me 😩
  • What they did with the Smiling Titan is ingenious.
  • “Anyone can become a god or a devil. All it takes is for people to believe it.” Jesus Christ, why is this series just now getting so good!
  • If they end up traveling through the past or to the future, freeze time, destroy time, you name it.... I AM GOING TO LOSE MY SHIT!
  • I said it in my last review, and I will repeat it! Erwin is an underrated smart character! Now I know what he meant when he asked, “who is the real enemy?”
  • Floch is a great character. He’s like an attempt for the writers to be self-aware. I love it! Keep showing stuff like this, and I will put Attack on Titan in my top ten list.
  • This season is giving me “Truman Show” vibes.
  • Remember these two motifs, freedom and the truth. This series deals with both very well, and I will elaborate more in the final season review.

Attack on Titan would be so much better if they combined seasons 1 and 2 into a 20 something season — cutting out a lot of unnecessary context. Also, combine some parts of season 4 with season 3 — cutting out a lot of excessive context in season 3’s parts. If they did that, Attack on Titan would have the best pacing of any Shonen anime I’ve ever seen! I might have to deprive it of a high spot in my top ten list because of poorly written characters and terrible pacing :(

8/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
6.8/10 overall