Attack on Titan 3rd Season: Part II

TV (10 eps)
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The battle to retake Wall Maria begins now! With Eren’s new hardening ability, the Scouts are confident they can seal the wall and take back Shiganshina District. If they succeed, Eren can finally unlock the secrets of the basement—and the world. But danger lies in wait as Reiner, Bertholdt, and the Beast Titan have plans of their own. Could this be humanity’s final battle for survival?

Source: Funimation

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Story The anime plays with a viewer's sense of anticipation well to the point where I would be transfixed with whatever was going on at that moment, and as soon as an unknown factor came into the picture, I would be left dumbfounded. For example, in the 5th episode, the Cart Titan appeared and carried Zeke away, but I was just so absorbed with Levi's abilities and the sudden rush of temporary victory when he had the Beast Titan's pilot at blade point that I completely forgot that Levi never killed the Cart Titan. The element of surprise is the anime's biggest advantage. They have an original story, and they can weave it however they want. With that said, an episode can fall flat or become memorable. I was at awe when the mass Titan transformations happened in the very 1st episode. I didn't entirely understand how Zeke got a hold of a lot of them, but I didn't care. Epic moment (for me) right there. Animation An eye for detail is as important as looking at the big picture and making sure that all set pieces are in place, no matter how small. Their animation is already great--from how the characters use their ODM gears, to how the Titans move and twitch. But what stuck with me the most (and my most favorite scene, animation-wise) was when Levi, Hange, Mikasa, and Eren entered the basement, and they lit a lantern. The light spilled outward. Just that scene alone was enough for the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up. Characters I'll start with Armin. One of the best characters in the entire series. He convinced himself that he was a coward, but time and time again, once he would come up with a plan, he would even go as far as sacrificing himself to see it succeed. He has grown to be a reliable strategist, and when he got burned, I almost stopped watching. "They can't just kill off Armin! THEY CAN'T! HE HAS TO SEE THE OCEAN! AAARGH!" Levi has a serious disposition but says the funniest things. Hange and Sasha, as well, are a welcome comic relief. These three are strong in their own right, and their distinguishable personalities made them my personal favorites. And with that, I think Eren is the most annoying person overall. If he isn't shouting, he's crying, and vice versa. Yes, he has gone through a lot of emotional trauma, but, as a character, I just don't have love for a protagonist who admonishes himself on almost every scene he's in.

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