Attack on Titan 3rd Season

Alt title: Shingeki no Kyojin 3rd Season

TV (12 eps)
4.521 out of 5 from 24,174 votes
Rank #78

Deep in the forest, Eren continues to hone his Titan abilities so that the military can reclaim Wall Maria. But soon, the Scouts find themselves persecuted for a crime they didn't commit, and Eren and Christa are thrust into the center of a political conspiracy that puts all of mankind at risk. Humans must fight against humans - not Titans - if they are to live another day, as all the while new secrets about the Titans emege...

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Wow no review's yet. Lit.  So season 3 AOT throws a ton of new information at the viewers. Thats right guys we finally got some answers to the bigger questions. BUT there is still a lot of questions, they ain't playing that nice yet lol.  This season is really amazing, like its a lot but I still loved it. Honestly though, are we really using 'bloodlines' as a plot right now. -_- Historia is honestly like a huge player in this season. Its crazy how unimportant I thought she was in the beginning compared to how she is now. She really is a totally different person and I'm loving it. She's grown into such this amazing and likable character that I wouldn't mind if her and eren paired off. Mikasa & Eren for life though. (doubt it will happen but I can dream XD).  Her family and her bloodline are so important to the foundation of all our questions its a pretty big twist. Also apparently Mikasa is so cool for a reason? Who knew right!  The art in this season really has grown and you can see the growth in all our scouts we got to know starting in season 1. I also think their foreheads are also shrinking in size, but I'm not sure.  The soundtrack as always is bomb and the opening is freaking so beautiful and tranquil in this season its like...why is this so beautiful and the show is so...death. It really tugs on your heartstrings for the main 3.  I loved everything about this but that being said it does have flaws, like the bloodline stuff. Its just a  'for lack of a better explanation' kind of thing. But they still addressed it pretty darn good.  And that ending tho, ugh, can't wait for the rest!


I've been a huge AOT fan since the series first was released. I watched the first two seasons in a few days after the second season was released. This was during a particularly difficult time in my life, and so I attached a lot of value and love to the characters who helped me get through some of the toughest mental health struggles I've ever had to face. I built myself a 3DMG for a Sasha cosplay - it was my first time ever doing a large-scale construction for cosplay and was poorly constructed so it fell apart at the first convention I took it to, ACEN. However, I still had that attachment to the characters and it made me so happy to meet with other fans of the show. Unfortunately, I don't believe the third season met with my expectations, and sort of tarnished my golden relationship with the Attack on Titan series.  I'm unsure whether it was the fact that we had to wait for so many years and I forgot why I cared so much about the show and its characters, or if it was the season itself just not living up to the wait and the hype. I'm thinking it was probably a combination of both. I know why they waited so long - to keep up with the manga - and I'm glad they did, since I've never been a fan of anime that try to release ahead of the manga, because they're usually full of pointless filler. But I think it was just too long of a wait this time. The hype had died down so much that it didn't feel like anybody cared anymore. I didn't even know the third season was out until a few weeks after.  The way that the show chose to focus on the politics, too, I felt strayed from the formula of what made AOT so likeable in the first place. We liked to see the characters grow and change as they fought these horrific beasts that traumatized them, but also brought them closer. We enjoyed the suspense and heartbreak of seeing our most beloved characters almost die, or actually die, or fake-die. There was genuine concern in the fanbase for characters who were left in a state of not-sure-if-they're-going-to-die at the end of an episode. I felt like that genuine concern had faded by the time season 3 came out. I didn't find myself feeling the visceral reactions I had during the first two seasons when a character would do something outrageous or risky and would end up better for it. I felt like I was watching a historical drama instead.  Amidst all of this, however, the animation. absolutely. slays. The scene where Levi is using his 3DMG through the streets of the city and the camera is moving around him as he ducks and weaves and spins was probably one of the most beautifully animated scenes I've ever seen. This stays true to the fast-paced interesting animations of the first two seasons, and made the show pleasant to watch. Overall, while the third season definitely was not what I hoped for, it was faithful to the manga, and was still enjoyable to watch. It just didn't capture that 10/10, raw emotional terror and joy that the first and second season managed to capture. I'm not saying don't watch it - it provides necessary closure and wraps up the story nicely, although there are a few holes still. This is to be expected of AOT at this point though - I believe they enjoy leaving certain story elements to fanbase interpretation. Just don't expect to be floored like most people were with the first two seasons.

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