Attack No. 1

TV (104 eps)
1969 - 1971
3.105 out of 5 from 437 votes
Rank #4,848

Moving to a new school is never easy, and it's even worse when you’re the most intelligent girl in school and everyone around you seems incredibly boring; that is Kozue Ayuhara’s attitude after arriving at Fujimi High. The only part of school that she finds interesting is her favorite sport, volleyball; but unfortunately, even the Fujimi volleyball team is in shambles. One day, after insulting the team for always losing, Kozue is challenged to try out and prove just how good she is. Of course, as with everything in her life, Kozue passes with flying colors, and in the process becomes the admired new team captain. Having suddenly found a challenge worthy of her skills, can Kozue overcome the professional and personal obstacles involved with taking a losing team to international glory?

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brxwiz Aug 14, 2017
Score 7/10

I remember watching this show somewhere in the 90s (or was it 80s?). At this time I haven't seen many animated shows or movies that weren't meant for little children or families with little children, "Time Masters" by Laloux/Moebius and some of Ralph Bakshi's works being about the only exeptions. The combination of school-life, sports, romance(with a love triangle!!!) and character development... read more

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Attack No.1
  • Vol: 12
  • 1968 - 1971

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