TV (330 eps x 19 min)
2002 - 2009
Spring 2002
3.268 out of 5 from 144 votes
Rank #4,053

This is the story of a typical family in Japan and their typical lives. Made up of a father, a mother, a brother, and sister Mikan, the Tachibanas always find themselves in the midst of various and wacky misadventures. Whether it's Mikan and her mother going on a frustrating shopping trip, debating the merits of a high-class bento, trying out new exercise devices or convincing mother to buy a new air conditioner, there's never a dull day in the life of the Tachibanas!

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RealifeBrahmin's avatar
RealifeBrahmin Feb 12, 2019
Score 10/10

Slice of life. The music is cute. The art is deliberately minimalistic (in fact, quite odd). Shin (New) Atashinchi brilliantly brings out the complexity in the most simple of situations in the day to day life of a family of four. If you ask me, the main protagonist is the mum, Tachibana-san. Several episodes discuss her sixth senses, innovative deductions, cute, clumsy mistakes and her oneness with household... read more

NekoDesu's avatar
NekoDesu Aug 13, 2015
Score 8/10

This show is really funny. Sadly, I can't really find the Japanese version of the show and ended up watching it in Cantonese (which I luckily understand because the subtitles are in Chinese too.) It's kind of old but don't let that prevent you from watching the show. The situations the characters are in and the really funny episodes will definitely keep you watching it.  In my opinion, I think it's a... read more

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