Asura Cryin'

TV (13 eps)
3.511 out of 5 from 8,314 votes
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Three years after an accident that nearly left him for dead, Tomoharu Natsume is about to start his high school life. Though with a ghost named Misao following him around, Tomoharu is far from being an average teenager. One day a strange woman appears and gives him a trunk that contains a tremendous power. This power is known as an Asura Machina - a being that draws its strength from a human sacrifice - and the sacrifice within Tomoharu's Asura is none other than Misao. As the bearer of such a power, Tomoharu immediately becomes the target of various groups, including the Divine Guards, who want his power for their own. When Tomoharu befriends a demon called Kanade and she is captured by the Divine Guards, he joins the Dark Society in order to save her. Now, Tomoharu will have to fight alongside the Dark Society while he tries to find a way to save Misao and bring her back to life.

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Asura Machina image

Episode 1

Asura Machina

Destruction of the Future image

Episode 2

Destruction of the Future

The Shadow of Science image

Episode 3

The Shadow of Science

Thoughts with Nowhere to Go image

Episode 4

Thoughts with Nowhere to Go

Intersecting Hearts and Bodies image

Episode 5

Intersecting Hearts and Bodies

Sacrifice Beyond the Darkness image

Episode 6

Sacrifice Beyond the Darkness

The Dream that Dispersed in the Heartless Sky image

Episode 7

The Dream that Dispersed in the Heartless Sky

The Youngest Daughter of the King of Misfortune image

Episode 8

The Youngest Daughter of the King of Misfortune

The Impossible Taboo image

Episode 9

The Impossible Taboo

Bound by the Chains of Time image

Episode 10

Bound by the Chains of Time

Together in the Ordinary and Extraordinary image

Episode 11

Together in the Ordinary and Extraordinary

Until the End of the World image

Episode 12

Until the End of the World

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Kari5's avatar
Kari5 Nov 9, 2009
Score 4/10

Asura Cryin. Such major disappointment. For most of the first episode, this show looked interesting. It’s about a high school student named Tomoharu who lives with a ghost, that only he can see, that wou ld no doubt become his love interest. I don’t exactly know why, but I thought this was a neat idea and was looking forward to a good show. Boy, was I ever wrong. The episode went fine, (until the... read more

ReiTsubomi's avatar
ReiTsubomi Oct 25, 2010
Score 6.6/10

EVER FELT THE NEED TO PUT SOMETHING DOWN JUST CAUSE IT'S TRYING SO HARD, BUT FAILING...? Well... I'd say I have a decent grasp of Asura Cryin', being that I popped it in and sat there for the entire 13 episodes running time of around 4 hours and 30 minutes... Did I force myself? No, far from it. Could I have used the time to watch something better? Definatly. OUR HERO ...And that's why. Asura Cryin' was... read more

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