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In a mid-15th century Kyoto ravaged by successive waves of floods, drought, and famine, Asura was left to fend for himself in the wilderness as an infant and grew up into an axe-wielding child surviving on both animal and human flesh. Asura's life took a turn when he became acquainted with Wakasa, a young village girl who taught Asura words and drew out semblances of empathy from within him. Yet Asura's peaceful moments with Wakasa would not last long, as famine began to take its toll on Wakasa's village.

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godcheese Sep 26, 2013
Score 8.8/10

Potential spoilers in my review, so please read at your own risk. This anime is utterly gutwrenching in despair, if you like sad sad movies, this is for you. The main character, Asura, a boy who is as feral as the wolves in the woods struggles to learn compassion and humanity, or at least enough to be saved.

The supporting cast, The Monk and Wasaka aide him in learning how to trust people and what... read more

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Nicknames Jul 7, 2016
Score 7.5/10

When I started this movie I had little to no expectations since I haven't heard of it at all and the average rating made me expect a mediocre movie at best, but little did I know that what I actually found was a surprisingly good movie.   Asura is a dark tale that takes place in medieval Japan during a severe famine and people is desperate for food. Enter Asura, a child who was almost eaten alive by... read more

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