Astro Boy: Shinsengumi

Alt title: Tetsuwan Atom: Shinsengumi

Movie (1 ep x 4 min)
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Astro Boy: Shinsengumi

Tezuka Osamu World is located in the Kyoto Station Building with a 300-inch theater that shows his original short animation films. One animated film filled with the essence of his most famous pieces, and another that introduces a historical episode of Kyoto, are shown as a double feature movie with the Phoenix as a narrator. As we know, Tezuka Osamu's most famous work is Astro Boy, which has been popular among all generations. From the huge number of his original Astro Boy series, the episode "The Blue Knight" was chosen for screening here. It depicts the confrontation between the blue knight, who regards humans as enemies for their dominance over robots and other creatures on the Earth, and Astro Boy, who rejects war because he believes that humans will someday realize their mistakes. The Phoenix asks us why humans choose war as a means of solving problems, while it looks back on the history of Kyoto and ponders on the riot at Ikeda-ya by the Shinsen-gumi in the last days of the Tokugawa regime.

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