Astro Boy (1980)

Alt title: Tetsuwan Atom (1980)

TV (52 eps)
1980 - 1981
3.051 out of 5 from 2,089 votes
Rank #5,192

Dr. Tenma is obsessed with creating a robot with a soul, so much that he forgot to care for his own son Toby; and when Toby is killed in a car crash, Dr. Tenma is overcome with grief and models his next robot, who has a soul, after his dead son. Things quickly take a turn for the worse as Toby is not accepted into society; and Dr. Tenma, angry with the fact that Toby is a robot who can't replace his son, drives Toby into the clutches of the evil owner of a robot circus, the place where he earns the name Astroboy. Astroboy is rescued by Dr. Elefun, Dr. Tenma’s successor, after his disappearance. From then on Astroboy has to struggle to be accepted into a society that views robots as inferior to humans, while fighting to protect them in turn. With the help of Dr. Elefun, Astroboy has to find his place on Earth and gain confidence in his own powers – all to become the greatest hero ever.

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reznok's avatar
reznok Aug 16, 2014
Score 3/10

Has a great adventure and story line to the anime. But it would of been better if it was more of a story line rather than epsidoes. Just a bit better than the 1960s version read more

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Shucurucu May 12, 2011
Score 5.5/10

Las aventuras de Astro Boy, niño-robot japonés dotado de poderes especiales 
que utilizará en su particular cruzada contra el mal. Busca la paz en una sociedad del 
futuro poblada por humanos y robots que desprecia a los de su clase. El protagonista 
es el primer robot que cuenta con una inteligencia avanzada que le permite tener 
emociones humanas. Es... read more



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