Astro Boy (1963)

Alt title: Tetsuwan Atom (1963)

TV (193 eps)
1963 - 1966
3.126 out of 5 from 1,235 votes
Rank #4,757

In the year 2000, robots are commonplace and in many cases, have replaced human beings in the workplace and in other roles. Dr. Tenma used to be the jovial head of the Institute of Science; but once his son Tobio was killed in a tragic accident, he turned his attention to building a robot to replace his loved one. Named Astro Boy, Tobio's replacement was intelligent and thoughtful; yet he didn’t age, and ultimately Dr. Tenma resented his creation and sold him to a cruel circus manager. Luckily for Astro, he was soon liberated by the current head of the Institute of Science and given a new life. In addition to learning how to become a better "person," Astro uses his nerves of steel and superhuman strength to put a stop to evildoers and withhold justice for all!

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roriconfan's avatar
roriconfan Apr 2, 2012
Score 5.5/10

I was around 9 when I first watched the first 10 episodes of Astro Boy on VHS. I had no idea at the moment that it was the 80’s remake of an older show, which in turn was actually a legend in the field as it revolutionized how anime look and feel decades before we had the internet to hype everything with little effort. And here I am some decades later myself, making a small essay on the damn thing. So... read more

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Vorosh Nov 17, 2015
Score 9/10

Here we have it folks, the single most influential anime of all-time! it's kinda funny because it looks nothing even close to anything coming out nowadays. Astroboy helped developed anime in so many ways from the sci-fi genre, episodic shows, common anime features still used to this day: (enlarged eyes, round features, shading ect.). But still even though it did help shape the eastern animation style in a... read more

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