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Alt title: Astarotte no Omocha! EX

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Feb 6, 2014

Here I thought I should repost my comment on the review by extreme133, since I've already been told the comment served a far better review than that one. Throughout is extreme133's review, so credit due etc etc.

As far as personal opinion goes, I believe the OVA did well for trying to unfold backstory into such limited time/space. For the most part, the ecchi of the series takes a backseat while the story unfolds, but for those of you who watch solely for that kind of thing, there is still enough to keep you, shall we say "interested"?

Without further ado then, the reposted comment in reference to Extreme133's review:

Your review is somewhat lacking, and focuses on what you wanted to see most likely. Let's take a look in detail, shall we?

"this OVA is broken up into 3 segments"

Perhaps the only accurate statement in the whole review

"the first one is a perverted yet not yielding any sort of guilty pleasures of any kind."

Actually, the first part of the OVA focuses on the relationship between the two of the main characters: The little princess Lotte, and her "friend" Asuha. The story focuses on a summer research asignment, the latter of which has chosen panties, while the former has chosen dragons.

Stuff happens, Asuha collects a variety of panties, Lotte's dragon egg loses it's nest, only to be substituded for the collection Asuha had aquired earlier. In the end the dragon egg Lotte was researching hatches, and is christened "Pantsu" and Asuha comments on how they end up "researching the same project"

If you read behind the lines, you'll see this is really a shadowing of the differences between the two girls, and Asuha's talent for breaking through those differences to come together as friends on equal terms. There is hint in this also, of the truth between the two - Lotte and Asuha are in fact sisters.

"Second part is just random and seemingly pointless"

On the contrary, the second part is backstory between Lotte and her guardian, who throughout the series has an almost mother/sisterly bond with the princess which is never fully explained as anything other than her "duty".

In sharing this backstory, this underlying stitching is shown, which helps the view to understand better this strong connection. In the eyes of Lotte, her new guardian has saved her life, and this shared first experience the start of something much stronger.

"Finale is just wrong I'm not even going to get into details on that."

Once again your "review" falls short on anything coming close to the name. The final part of the OVA is a backstory focused on the main character Naoya, and Lotte's mother.

Throughout the series it's often hinted at that those two had "some time in the past" been intimate, and that Asuha is the product of that intimacy. Naoya is admitted as "quite young" to be a father, and it's obvious he would have been around fourteen/fifteen when the seed was sown.

The "cutesy" style of the anime may seen to misrepresent his age in the OVA, but that is down to personal observation. Persoanlly, I'd go with fifteen given the animation style, which is, while perhaps just a little young to western standards, well within the legal limits of Japanese law.

Though the OVA deals with the truth of their union in a "shared dream" sequence, everyone watching knows the truth of what's going on. Mercelída is, after all a succubus demon, and the queen of them at that.

Further connections with the queen, and therefore Lotte are also seen in the actions of Mercelida in this story recall the type of behavior of her yet unborn children in the first part: precocious, willful, and playful.

In short then, the final story is the events which lead up to Asuha's birth, while the series itself focused mainly on her sister Lotte, and )if I recall correctly) may have already covered hers .

"Unlike the main series the fanservice in this one won't help much."

As for "fanservice" the whole series was riddled with just that, so how you can claim otherwise is beyond me. Or perhaps your statment was meant to represent your reasons for watching in the first place?

If all you seek is fanservice, your final statement could be seen, not as a denial of it throughout the series, but a lament that the OVA failed to meet your expectations in that regard. In which case, I'm sure you'll find ther internet more than enough to sate you.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Mar 5, 2012

this OVA is broken up into 3 segments and the first one is a perverted yet not yielding any sort of guilty pleasures of any kind. Second part is just random and seemingly pointless. Finale is just wrong I'm not even going to get into details on that.

Unlike the main series the fanservice in this one won't help much.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
5/10 overall
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