Assassins Pride

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2019
3.208 out of 5 from 7,849 votes
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In a world where only nobles wield the sacred power of mana to wage war against the creatures of darkness, a curious absence of ability places young Merida in a precarious position. Under the guise of tutelage, Kufa, a ruthless assassin, is sent to assess Merida's abilities and determine if she is the true-born heir of the prestigious Angel family. If she does not measure up to her family's expectations, another, more ruthless plan will be set in motion…

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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Minor spoilers ahead Let me start by saying that I haven't seen the original material for this - I fully believe it is much better than this adaptation.  Kufa, who is supposedly an assassin, gets hired as a mentor for a girl named Melida. Melida comes from a rich family and is attending a fancy (private?) school where she's training to become a fighter. She is a good student, BUT she has no mana - as in she can't use magic. Her family wants to get rid of her and that's where Kufa comes in. I started watching this thinking it'll be fairly okayish, entertaining seasonal anime but with some twists and interesting characters. What I got was a mediocre show with meh characters that honestly feels like a recap. Everything is rushed, the story feels choppy (apparently they skipped a few volumes and tried to cram 2 into one episode), characters get no development - basically, it's like you're watching a slideshow. There's 0 world-building, around episode three they reveal that vampires exist and that Kufa is one of them. Reveal was underwhelming to say at least, I thought this would be considered a spoiler at least but nope - since they never tell you these creatures exist you don't really care about them. Animation is fine, nothing special but not too terrible either, OP and ED are pretty catchy so at least some effort went into making this. If you like shows like SAO (Kufa is very Kirito-y) or shows that focus on student-teacher relationship, you should definitely give this a go. HOWEVER, even the relationship aspect is ruined for me - Melida acts like a child, sleeps with teddy bears, all that and Kufa is just like "LET ME KISS YOU" while being mentally much older than her. Perhaps LN/manga did this better because the anime completely failed to showcase Melida's journey towards independence. 


Assassins Pride is definitely one of the more underrated anime of this season, and even though it's not amazing or anything, it's still a good anime to start watching if you have nothing else to watch. This anime does look a bit generic, but regardless, it's still good with what it has to offer. Assassins Pride has potential to become better since it's still at the first few episodes, and this could end up being one of the better anime of the season if it continues to develop.  Story: The start of Assassins Pride is nothing too original, since it has an MC that is considered the weakest of its class but then becomes one of the strongest in the span of like one episode. The pacing is faster compared to other anime, and arcs that would last for multiple episodes in other anime only last an episode or two in this one. This makes the story easy to digest, since the story is progressing fast with the focus being on more important events. Animation: Like I said before, the anime doesn't have that much of an original artstyle, but it's still looks good and there is definitely effort put in to make the anime look nice. The transformation scenes look good, and the fights have a good flow to them so they bring out hype when there are those moments in the anime.  Sound: Assassins Pride has one of the top OPs for this season and the music fits the atmosphere of the anime along with the visuals. Along with the animation, the soundtrack brings more hype into the fight scenes since they're added in the right moments, going right with the flow. The ED is okay, but it's similar to the other anime out there. Characters: The characters also look a bit generic, and one of the main MCs has a style that is REALLY similar to Kirito from Sword Art Online. Character development goes by VERY fast, which is crazy. Characters could be gone more into detail. and that may happen in the upcoming episodes Overall, this anime isn't that bad and it could be rated higher than it currently is right now(since there are like 3.1 stars rn) The story is promising and there's definitely a lot of things that Assassins Pride can offer so hopefully the anime doesn't flop and become trash because this anime can get lot better and hopefully it does...

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