Asatte no Houkou

Alt title: Living for the Day After Tomorrow

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2006
3.563 out of 5 from 1,873 votes
Rank #2,928

Karada is an elementary school student who acts mature for her age, and asks that people treat her like an adult. While praying at a wishing stone (negai ishi), she meets an older girl named Shouko. Shouko had moved to this small town to start a new life, but the same day she meets Karada, she encounters her brother, Hiro. Tension builds as Shouko and Hiro reflect on their past relationship while sending Karada home alone, and by the end of the day, both Shouko and Karada end up at the wishing stone hoping for change. Karada wishes to become an adult, while Shouko wishes for things to go back as they were in the past. That night under the bright moon, the wishing stone grants their wish, and an unbelievable transformation occurs: Shouko becomes a child and Karada becomes an adult. Now the two girls must struggle with their new bodies while finding a way to return back to what they once were.

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Shucurucu's avatar
Shucurucu Apr 25, 2011
Score 7.5/10

Hermosa historia recomendada para ver en familia, toca muchos temas muy profundos como la muerte de los padres, la adopcion y la cria de un extranho como si fuese parte de la familia y principalmente el deseo de crecer antes de tiempo, creo que es una de las mas lindas historia que ya vi de anime.   Muy Muy Buena! read more

Otaku108's avatar
Otaku108 Nov 18, 2009
Score 5.5/10

This review was pulled of the forums from a club I used to run, that is the reason for the different format.Overall: 5.5 For the most part I found the show enjoyable... it was a, to me, light watch that wasn't too heavy on drama. The ending was sweet but too short and a little anti-climactic. Story/Plot: 5 Pretty typical story and plot, nothing I hadn't seen before. Nothing that I didn't expect or... read more

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Asatte no Houkou
  • Vol: 5; Ch: 21
  • 2005 - 2007

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