Asa Made Jugyou Chu!

Alt title: See Me After Class

OVA (1 ep x 30 min)
2.833 out of 5 from 2,664 votes
Rank #16,269

Yuuki's scored a full scholarship to a very prestigious school. The only catch? A ditzy teacher's error means he now has to crossdress to keep his real identity a secret! Will Yuuki pull it off... or will he be pulled to pieces by a cute, curious classmate? 

Source: Project-H

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You are now entering the "almost-hentai-but-not-quite" zone of anime-planet. It's not my typical cup of tea, but when the marathon says "watch this", you watch what you must.  And while I can't say why you, reader, are here, I can hazard a guess. So, if you're here for the boobs, just go watch it. If you're here for some other reason, let me give you a glimpse at what you'll be watching.  Story: There is a phrase "plot? what plot?" that is used in the fanfiction circle that means the fiction is almost entirely smut. This OVA would fall into that category. The main character is forced to cross-dress and live with his busty teacher because she screwed up his rooming assignment due to his girly name. She then proceeds to overthink his entire existence and that's when the smooth jazz starts. There are some jumps in logic in this anime that even my suspension of disbelief can't handle.  Animation: Those boobs need to learn physics. It's all very bright, very shiny, and I guestion some of the body proportions and their effect on the human spine. The teacher also suffers from an anime cliche called "shirt conforming" where any fabric instantly conforms to the shape of her bust. Basically, let's draw the teacher naked, but with clothes on at the same time. It's one of the cliches about ecchi anime that bugs me. Sound: Do not watch this with the volume on high if you are living with someone and you don't want them knowning you're watching almost-hentai. The voice work is ok, but the amount of gasping, panting, and moaning is seriously tipping this in the hentai direction.  Characters: The following archetypes are used: stupid-boobs-with-authority, man-hater-lesbian, and the-personification-of-male-hormones. Who knows, maybe they were more flushed out in the source material, but in the OVA, they are shallow representations of known character-types.  Should you watch this? No. But you're going to anyway.  This review brought to you by the DAMC. 


Ecchi, Crossdressing, Explicit Sex and Panty Shots... yep. If the tags didn't tell you already, there's little in this anime that does not involve some sort of perverted siutation. Be it groping in the bath, spanking or panty shots. If that's not your thing turn away and run. Story As with most ecchi series that end up as "Borderline Hentai" the plot in this anime is essentially just an excuse to get the characters into various states of undress and do various perverted things to keep the viewer entertained. Which, admittedly... does work for some series.  The story starts off with in the middle (bonus points for in medias res?), with the main character in the same bed as the teacher and *pop* out comes the boobies. The reason behind this "awkward situation" turns out to be an administrative error on her part that put him in the girl's dorm. From here on the plot just devolves into perverted scenes. Good job plot, you did your job! tl;dr Plot? Where we're going we don't need that! Animation While the animation is not exactly bad it does fall into a number of holes. The clothes on the female characters seem to fit impossibly well. For example, the teacher's shirt goes flawlessly around her boobs in a perfect fit... to the point where it's so snug that her nipples are visible through the shirt despite her having a bra on. Breasts also bounce around in weird ways and generally don't abide the laws of physics... So... long story short, while not exactly bad there's a number of things are just downright silly. Sound The voice acting is acceptable for the most part, although there's not much voice acting being done outside of moaning and panting. Characters Busty teacher, check.Lesbian, check.Uninteresting main character that is involuntarily exposed to perverted things, check. Overall Is this a good OVA? Nope, not one bit. But if you want to watch something that is so hilariously bad and cliche enough to make you laugh, be my guest. I'll admit I enjoyed this more than I should've... just because of how bad it was. This review was made for Marathon #3 of DAMC.

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