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Sep 17, 2022

Artiswitch Picture Drama is a series of well written stories that are relatable and meaningful. The artwork, settings, and stories are very beautiful. 

Story 1: Haruka - A “Dress To Impress” Story About Identity 

The first story is about Haruka trying her best to improve her image by trying on scarlet red lipstick. Her friends said her makeup gave her more feminine energy.  Haruka’s friends asked her if was trying to impress a guy. Is there someone she likes? Is she just showing off to get people to look at her more? 

But in reality, Haruka was not starving for love, attention, or trying to get noticed. It was never about "looking" a certain way. It was about the energy she brought to the table: how her own approach to her own life made her feel. For many people, this may seem like a trivial subject, but your identity affects how you feel about life in general. If you don't feel like yourself, you start to feel like your life is fake, and therefore, wasted.

I see others in the exact same shoes as Haruka. People try to fit in with their peers by wearing the latest trends and fashionable items. Some people like to improve their appearances with different makeup techniques, hair styles, and clothes. Everyone has a sense of style that is unique to them, like if they prefer certain color themes. 

Story 2: Mana - The Aspiring Singer 

The second story is about how Mana aspires to be a singer, and even changes her clothing to a fashionable gothic style. At first, her acquaintances mocked her for being a “wannabe singer” at a restaurant.  But she shows them that her courage, determination, hard work, and perseverance pays off in the long run. Mana often uploads videos of her songs on Instagram. Her mother tries to secretly  encourage her and give her advice to pursue her dreams and passions on Instagram. It’s a bittersweet story full of wholesome moments where Mana’s mom is trying her best to help and cheer up her daughter. It’s also a story to teach watchers to chase after their dreams even after being mocked, criticized, scorned,  or critiqued 

Story 3: Akihiko - A Genius Yearns To Be Creative 

The third story is about how the genius prodigy Akihiko yearns to express his creativity, and finds a passion in making clothing based on his own sense of fashion. Akihiko was formerly  a school genius. He kept a diary where he often bragged about his accomplishments. His artworks were on display in the school gallery. He also kept the top marks in his class. But after he discovered his passion for fashion, his grades dropped. He invested his time in making clothes and buying fabrics. Akihiko can be eccentric. But everyone can relate to times where they prefer investing time in their hobbies rather than working or studying. 

Story 4 - Darkness is Ruru’s Best Friend 

The fourth story is about how darkness is Ruru’s best friend. The darkness shields her from the ugliness, cruelty, and bitterness of the world. It’s a totally relatable story because there are  times we want to escape when life gets tough and full of hardships. 

Story 5 - Saki’s Torned Friendship 

The fifth story is a self reflective story about the ruined friendship between the models: Saki and Tiara. It’s a really realistic portrayal of a broken friendship. Sometimes losing a precious friend or partner teaches you to reflect on your past behavior. In the fifth story, Tiara realizes that she was a horrible friend. She realizes it was bad to act pampered and spoiled when she was friends with Tiara. In the end, Tiara blocked Saki’s messages. Saki decides to leave Tiara’s life, and stop burdening her.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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