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16th century Firenze, Italy. One girl, One ARTistic ambition! The birthplace of the renaissance era, where art is thriving. In one small corner of this vast city, one sheltered girl’s journey begins. She dreams of becoming an artist, an impossible career for a girl born into a noble family. In those days, art was an exclusively male profession, with woman facing strong discrimination. In spite of these challenges, Arte perseveres with hard work and a positive attitude!

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I feel like the author was trying to be pretty optimistic given the setting in Arte. But at the same time the themes for Arte regarding women empowerment felt heavy if I'm being honest. While I honestly agree with that, in the setting provided, that is not true. True Renaissance era life would not allow this sort of story. Unfortunately, there was less focus on the setting than on the women's power storyline. Arte was less "historical" and more "fantasy" in this sense. The author also choose to base Arte off of a real life figure, Artemisia Gentileschi, who had a very different life in comparison. The author probably didn't want to show true to life facts for those specific reasons. Still, I would love to see a true anime adaption of Artemisia Gentileschi's life. It feels gritty in a way, like Berserk. Other than for the themes, the characters come off as boring. Even the drama surrounding Katarina ends up feeling cheap. Leo's old client Ubertino has the least screen time amongst the five characters but he makes a great contribution to Arte's development in bargaining. And since the best thing about this show is Arte's development, he manages to be a memorable character despite low screen time. Arte wasn't a very good protagonist in regards to how she acted like an airhead and in how she responded to the sexism in the show. Putting in the hard work towards becoming an artist isn't going to change the opinions of others that easily. If that were the case, then life would feel an awful lot like a shounen manga, but this show isn't even shounen to begin with. Even though animations are not really bad, quality of visuals for both of character models and background drawings are poor. Plus I can't say the soundtracks were good, cause most of the soundtracks are plain and boring. The irony of an anime being called Arte. I can't even say I enjoyed it as much as I wanted to. At the end of the day this wasn't a good historical anime, being one of my favorite genres. Series I would recommend would be The Rose of Versailles and Golden Kamuy. Both have female protagonists in historical settings that feel awesome and don't have you tearing your hair out in frustration.


Anime muy respetable y que con esfuerzo se hace un huequillo entre los animes del monton bueno. Historia. La historia es simple, Italia siglo XVI, una chica que quiere ser artista se esforzará en conseguir su sueño. La forma de contar la historia es entrenida y engancha, me fué entretenido ver todos los desafios que se le iban presentando a Arte y como los iba superando. Aún asi la historia me resultó simple, sin tomar riesgos o giros que nos sorprendiera o emocionará de alguna manera, en resumen, se me quedó algo plana. La parte de romance no fue nada acertada, pues se enfoncó de una manera muy infantil y nada relevante para historia. Animacion. Quizás esperaba más, no digo que sea mala, todo lo contrario, pero al ser un anime de "arte" espearaba una gran animación o alguna que otra escena que despuntara y me explotara la cabeza. Sonido. Nada mal, tiene buenas melodias y creo que calzan muy bien con los momentos dados y la epoca. Personajes. Son algo tópicos los personajes y ninguno dejará huella en nuestros recuerdos, pero creo que Arte si que tiene algo como para recordarla, quizas no sea por el personaje en si, sino por todo lo que hace para ir cumpliendo cada dia un poco más su sueño. Entretenimiento. Como dije me resulto entretenida y disfrutable, quizas no sea la serie más emocionante del mundo pero si que logré pasarlo bien. En resumen, buen anime, sin más. Todo lo que hace este anime es de notable pero se me queda algo plana como para una mejor valoración. ¿La recomendaría? No a todo el mundo, pero si, si te gusta el anime.

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