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Apr 4, 2020

ARP Backstage Pass isn't like most (idol boy) animes. It doesn't revolve around an objective and characters working towards that. Instead it presents itself as a documentary/interview like show about how they came to be. 

Story - The anime is made up of 2 main parts, the anime and the greeting sendoff. The story isn't complex but it's good. It's simple which suits it's documentary like style. You get to see some quirky and funny sides of the characters which I enjoyed.

At the end of every episode, the main cast comments on the episode and banters about which I find really funny and cute.

Animation - The anime has 2 animation styles, 2D and 3D/CG. The story was mostly in 2D. It's decent, I didn't particular care much for it, but it does the job. The CG animation though, is soooo pretty. There have been only a few animes' CG that have caught my eye, them being Tsukiuta and Idolish7. The CG was used for action/dance scenes and the performances. The characters moved smoothly and were expressive. However, I felt some of the performances lacked movement, but it's fine since it would probably be hard to dance and sing that much real life.

The sendoff is in a different CG style from the anime. This style is what they use for their Youtube channel. ARP is a virtual idol group, so they have content like VTubers(Virtual Youtuber) and concerts in real life like Miku Hatsune. I kinda wish they could use the anime CG style for their future content, but it's probably not made equipped to do so.

Sound - I didn't really pay attention to the sounds in the anime so the rating is only for the songs. Most of the songs were bops but there were a few misses.
Bops: The World is Mine, FANTASISTA, rrRrride On!!
Earworm: THE KISS
Miss: The Show Must Go On

Characters - All the characters are likeable in their own way. Shinji is a pretty prince type who you end up wanting to support! Leon is a cutie who can be a bit too dancey lol. Daiya is a tall muscle boi who is a nice balance of caring and good fun. Reiji is my least favourite out of the 4 main characters, but he can be cute at times too. Shoutout to side character Matsumoto for being a bro. XD

Overall - The story is good, but I recommend you watch it for they eye candy and the music. 

Oh and the fanservicey movements if you watch closely during their performances~ o.<


OTL This is a second rewrite of my review since AP logged me out when I pressed save...

7/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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Jul 30, 2020

I loved how this shows how they all meet and the hardships they had to overcome. Also loved the performances shown

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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