Armored Trooper Votoms: Pailsen Files

Alt title: Soukou Kihei Votoms: Pailsen Files

OVA (12 eps)
2007 - 2008
3.584 out of 5 from 471 votes
Rank #3,156

Following the end of the Hundred Year War, the dissolution of the 'Red Shoulders' and the court-marshal of its founder Yolan Pailsen, Chirico Cuvie finds himself transferred to planet Galeade and into a special unit made up of just five AT pilots. Although the unit was supposedly hand-picked due to their 'combat experience', he finds himself fighting alongside an incompetent soldier who claims to be unqualified for fighting, and a young boy who wants him dead! What do these five seemingly different pilots have in common, and will they be able to survive their missions against the odds?

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