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Fall 2015
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Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA

Akari Mamiya wants to become a powerful BUTEI like her idol, Aria Kanzaki, but her skills are...lacking. In fact, she's just a lowly E-rank student at Tokyo Butei High School, and her chances of getting to the top are slim. Determined to be more than she is, she makes the move to become Aria's Amica and receive training to be just like her! But is the double pistol-wielding ace ready to take on the challenge of teaching Between the struggles of high school and intense training, Akari must work her hardest to prove she's worthy of being Aria's Amica and ready to be a true BUTEI! Which is way easier said than done. Luckily, with her friends close by her side, anything is possible! But anyone can become your enemy-even your closest allies. When danger lurks around the corner, Akari must master the power within her to protect her friends and herself. All while facing the truth of her past.

Source: Funimation

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Episode 1

(Sub) Another A

(Sub) Dangerous Relationship image

Episode 2

(Sub) Dangerous Relationship

(Sub) Applying to Be an Amica image

Episode 3

(Sub) Applying to Be an Amica

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Episode 4

(Sub) Quartet, Part 1

(Sub) Quartet, Part 2 image

Episode 5

(Sub) Quartet, Part 2

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Episode 6

(Sub) Little Devils’ Request

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Episode 7

(Sub) Struggle Over Akari

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Episode 8

(Sub) Pool Trap

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Episode 9

(Sub) Home Visit

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Episode 10

(Sub) First Mission

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Episode 11

(Sub) Showdown

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Episode 12

(Sub) A Pair of As

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PurplePeopleEater's avatar
PurplePeopleEater Nov 28, 2016
Score 3/10

THIS IS NOT A SEQUEL. And that would be part of the problem. The title and even some of the characters make it appear as a sequel. After all, if it's the same title and just double one of the letters at the end (AA) then normally it would be safe to assume it's number 2. Instead, it's a different story. Forget everything you saw in Hidan no Aria A. This anime shares some similar character names and looks and a... read more

ToxicLemon's avatar
ToxicLemon Feb 24, 2016
Score 6/10

For this I only watched the first episode and with having pervious expericence with the Hidan no Aria anime, I was able to write my conclusion of what I believe my opinion on the anime will be even after I watch the full thing. I would like to start with the story. I believe it was a good idea to give the anime a fresh face and a new view on the anime (though deep down I am still mad that Hidan no Aria didn't... read more

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