Aria the Avvenire

OVA (3 eps x 17 min)
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Aria the Avvenire

The first episode's story starts with Ai practicing on the gondola with Akari. As they travel through a canal, they meet Aika and Alice. All three have not had much time to meet since becoming Prima undines. Considering even the little time they spend together a "miracle," Akari remembers a certain incident and relates it to Ai. 

The second episode's story begins with Ai relating a story to Akari of her experiencing a "miracle" while she was practicing. She saw Cait Sith as she was traveling down an unfamiliar path. When she disembarks from her gondola to follow it, she meets two Single undines from Himeya company and Orange Planet in the middle of practice.

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knoxyal Dec 18, 2018
Score 9/10

A continuation of Aria the Origination with improved animation. I am shocked that there are only 400 people who have watched this beautiful continuation of a masterpiece. Overview of the Entire Series: In a nutshell, Aria the Animation and Aria the Natural were about the happiness of an idle, unchanging life; Aria the Origination was about change. Avvenir involves grown up Momiko and... read more

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