Alt title: Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen

TV (24 eps)
3.114 out of 5 from 2,068 votes
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The Kingdom of Arandas alliance and the Countries Unification of Ingelmia have been at war for many years. The situation has been at a stalemate across the fortress of the Great Wall, which has never been penetrated since the foundation of Arandas. The gate to the fortress has remained firmly closed, but when it creaks open, the complexity of war starts to change dramatically.

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I think giving this 4/10 is gracious.  This anime is not only boring as hell, but simply pathetic in damn near everything is does.  If you want the jist of what I plan on talking about, then just know that this is a massive rant.  Hopefully, after reading this you will not waste your time. When I say this anime was boring, I mean literally everything was boring.  There was little to no character developement.  The action was not that great at all.  The goal of the anime had its guts pulled out and were strewn across 24 pathetic episodes.  The music was lame.  Everything was bad.   Story:  This story started out with nothing.  Another "special" mech.  We have seen this before, so unless you are doing somthing awesome you are bound to fail.  It failed.  Some semblance of a story wound up mid way, but it barely had anything to show.  furthermore all the the facts and emotional bull didnt match up.  It would have been better if they had at least explained a little bit about the U-link system.  Nothing about the U-link matched up though.  Just a bunch of emotional random crap.  The end was pathetic too.  they started taking the ultra pacifist side again.  "The U-link was her dream, and its being used like this?!"  OF COURSE IT IS RETARD THATS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE STORY.  Ahem, anyways, needless to say they prioritized emotional idiocy over a solid  and strait forward storyline.  Lame lame lame lame Animation: I would say standard for current animes.  the nice bit was in the artwork.  The artwork was very lovely.  There were some great representations of war.  Gritty battlefields and death.  However for a good war anime this one lacked in grit even though they did it well when they did it.  Thats it really though.  The battle scenes were bare minimum.  They didnt show great detail in mechs being destroyed.  Sound:  They had lots of sad osts, but there combat and action osts were lame as hell.  they also had some funny ones for light moments, but no music that really helps dig into the anime. Characters:  Almost no character developement.  The very few spats they had were good, but there were so few.  The rest of the time the characters just waltz around mindlessly.  There was no dynamic.  With that regard it kind of turned out like Akame ga Kill.  No dynamic.  Same boring characters all the way through.  Also, they tried waaaaay too hard to employ characters like Jamie.  Jamie was retardedly useless.  They tried their damndest to make use of her, but again they used emotion and illogical bullsh*t to make it appear to work.  Overall: I guess most of it seemed faked.  I couldnt get into this anime becuase none of the characters did.  None of the actions scenes got into it.  None of the music really got into it.  Shallow, boring, lame, patheitc.  Go watch a good gundam series or something.  Just dont watch this junk


I am writing this after binge watching the first 14 episodes. I am quite surprised that Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen hasn't received better reviews, it currently stands at 2.68/5.00. My guess for this is that in the first few episodes it felt quite conflicted whether this was an adult or teenage storyline. It has the depth and subtleness of an adult story, with elements of the futility of war, politics, greed, revenge, power struggles, loss and is an overal intelligent series, but it takes it time to build on it. Where it fails is some of the characters. Jamie and Tokimune are somewhat irritating and I'm guessing they will predictably fall for each other,  and then there are the female engineer techs who are shallow despite their obvious skills in keeping the machines in good working order. There are however some good growth episodes especially for Samonji, who for me is the star of the series. There are many characters and I would hope over the course of the series that we will learn more and it will further strengthen the story. It is especially needed for the enemy forces. The animation is better than most, using some beautiful details in the landscaping, but less so in the battle scenes. Considering that the premise is war, there is a deep lack of the gruesomeness surrounding the deaths, and although I'm definitely not a fan of gore, it really could have been a tad more realistic in the portrayal of death in war. Sound is pretty standard. Some of the female voice actors are a bit squeeky I would say, stick with this one. It really does have a great story and hopefully it will accept itself and understand that you don't always need to lurch towards a sterotypical teenage audience. Teenager are capable of depth too.

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