Arcade Gamer Fubuki

OVA (4 eps x 30 min)
2002 - 2003
2.605 out of 5 from 519 votes
Rank #16,827

Taking place in current-day Tokyo, AGF follows the story of Fubuki, a video game enamored teen who has won the title of "Champion Arcade Gamer". Fubuki's secret weapon is her Fashion Panty, which, when activated, releases all the spirits of the best gamers in the world, making her invincible. With this year's championships right around the corner, Fubuki might find herself in over her head, as this year, the four kings of the Gyurashikku-Dan are hell-bent on stealing the championship title, and consequently, taking over the world!

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Let me ask you this, what the hell is this show? I mean, I give it points for originality but man oh man….. This is really a messed up show. The whole premise is about a girl showing off her panties to play video games. I don’t know about her, but I wouldn’t put on a pair of underwear that some strange guy tried to give me, let alone actually take them. The show felt bland. There seemed to be no reason for this show to even exist and I have a bad feeling that Gulasic pretty much meant Classic but because of Japanese vocals, we thought it to be Gulasic. The animation doesn’t look like a show done in the 21st century at all. It’s more like a vintage version. I so do not get the characters at all, the guy for the first part has what look like large beaver teeth and don’t even look like they are connected to his mouth. The animation is bland and over used a lot. It pretty much feels like a panty shot hentai style artwork. I couldn’t actually stand the Japanese voices at all, they were way too high pitched and painful. Of course English voices aren’t any good ether but at least they are better. The English at least gives it the same out of control comedy that it should have, but it felt… well, more like Excel Saga in how the voices sounded. Fubuki was really high voiced, her friend sounds like a squeaky Emi Oba from Comic Party. Even the guy that follows Fubuki around sounds off. In the first part, he says BAG in English, and it sounds a lot like Fag instead.


Let me just begin this by saying that Arcade Gamer Fubuki is definitely not something that would be to everyone's tastes. I mean, if you read the description and the word "panty" sends an immediate red flag to you, don't watch it. Simple as that. However, if you are willing to watch a funny show about a girl with magical gaming panties and a colorful cast of supporting characters you're in for quite a ride filled with recognizeable arcade games (mostly Sega) throughout the ages and a ton of references to various gaming franchises. The animation itself is pretty basic early 2000s animation style, about on par with other shonen shows of the time. Nothing too flashy but not too bad either. The special effects with "transformation" sequences and special moves are hilariously over the top and a total treat. The version I watched was the English dub by Toonami and it was pretty okay. Again, quite on par with other shows of the time. The dub gave some of the characters quite interesting accents, which is something I appreciated. You have the basic American accent with the cowgirl and then you have... whatever that secretary in the last episode had. No idea but I loved it, it was quite unique. The characters themselves are quite expressive and their emotions are shown on many levels, from over the top to serious, and the show balances these moments out pretty well. While it is pretty short, running for only four episodes and despite the tease at the end, no second season (sadly), every important character gets enough screentime and character exploration for a silly show like this. There is a deeper story underlying in this show giving it more depth during the serious moments as well, but in the end it is about a girl trying her best in the world of INSANELY OVER THE TOP ARCADE GAMING with the help of the magical panties she got from a legendary gamer and her good friends. Okay, the next bit is a bit of a spoiler but not really, so read at your own risk. Speaking of this legendary gamer, the show is a spinoff to the classic 80s anime Game Center Arashi, and it is indeed Arashi who gives Fubuki her magical gamer panties. Thus, Fubuki has to earn Arashi's old mantle as the best arcade gamer out there throughout the series, giving it an extra layer of story.

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