Arcade Gamer Fubuki

OVA (4 eps)
2002 - 2003
2.065 out of 5 from 533 votes
Rank #10,255

Taking place in current-day Tokyo, AGF follows the story of Fubuki, a video game enamored teen who has won the title of "Champion Arcade Gamer". Fubuki's secret weapon is her Fashion Panty, which, when activated, releases all the spirits of the best gamers in the world, making her invincible. With this year's championships right around the corner, Fubuki might find herself in over her head, as this year, the four kings of the Gyurashikku-Dan are hell-bent on stealing the championship title, and consequently, taking over the world!

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This is how your average show made by SHAFT looked way before Shimbo joined their ranks. I can guess that the guys who thought of this were 30 year old salarymen who watched a few minutes their kids playing Bobble Bubble and then set out to make it come true. Arcade Gamer Fubuki is a no-brainer mini show, which is supposed to be attractive to video gamers. Well, guess what, it has such a retarded mentality on the subject that failed completely to grasp the feeling of the hobby. I used to hang out in coin-ops a lot as a kid and trust me when I say it was one of the few places where everybody was male and we didn’t care at all about chicks while we were occupied playing. In fact, the first time we ever cared was when they brought Mahjong and billiard arcades, where you got to strip girls if you won. And yes, they were form Japan. I was never a fan of the trend. Videogames was a man’s turf and if women wanted to play, I sure wouldn’t want such phallocratic misogynistic crap around there. What would they think of us? Anyway, this anime is to be hated from the start just because of that. It has a girl with the supernatural ability to be a good player at videogames. Because having a girl being good at this is obviously something unnatural. And the way she performs her uncanny button mashing skills is by doing aerial flips. Because that is the only way a girl can play right. And that results at her pantsu constantly flashing at our faces. By the way, they are magic pantsu, which generate fire and electricity. Because a man’s weapons in games are always cool looking swords and armours but a girl’s is always some tiny bikini. She keeps feeling shy about it, yet she keeps doing it, without ever wearing short jeans or gym pants. Because girls are too stupid to think wearing anything else. And so she takes part in videogame championships where before hundreds of horny males she does air flips and exposes here pantsu. She feels very embarrassed about it but that does not even hind her super skills of… button mashing. And it’s not like you see how good she is; she just presses random buttons. And the actual videogame battles are all quite short so not even that lasts enough to enjoy it. And all her opponents are not brute males but… more girls with similar superpowers. Oh, and she is looking for her father or something; not that this maters or anything.I don’t really need to go on, do I? It is a sad excuse of a story, aiming to attract the viewer with some videogames and childish-level fan service. It doesn’t really flesh-out its characters and doesn’t even respect them by degrading females like that and keeping males as nothing but horny losers constantly films the whole mess.It is a very badly made comedy, with nothing really exciting going on in it. The ecchi is childish, the games are simplistic, the characters are cardboards, the production values are poor, and in general I was more offended by all this mess than entertained. But I did like the opening and ending themes; they are the only good part in this farce. And boy, I suddenly feel like playing Double Dragon…


Let me ask you this, what the hell is this show? I mean, I give it points for originality but man oh man….. This is really a messed up show. The whole premise is about a girl showing off her panties to play video games. I don’t know about her, but I wouldn’t put on a pair of underwear that some strange guy tried to give me, let alone actually take them. The show felt bland. There seemed to be no reason for this show to even exist and I have a bad feeling that Gulasic pretty much meant Classic but because of Japanese vocals, we thought it to be Gulasic. The animation doesn’t look like a show done in the 21st century at all. It’s more like a vintage version. I so do not get the characters at all, the guy for the first part has what look like large beaver teeth and don’t even look like they are connected to his mouth. The animation is bland and over used a lot. It pretty much feels like a panty shot hentai style artwork. I couldn’t actually stand the Japanese voices at all, they were way too high pitched and painful. Of course English voices aren’t any good ether but at least they are better. The English at least gives it the same out of control comedy that it should have, but it felt… well, more like Excel Saga in how the voices sounded. Fubuki was really high voiced, her friend sounds like a squeaky Emi Oba from Comic Party. Even the guy that follows Fubuki around sounds off. In the first part, he says BAG in English, and it sounds a lot like Fag instead.

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