Arata-naru Sekai

OVA (1 ep x 30 min)
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Arata-naru Sekai

The story follows a "time researcher" and a group of children in a depopulated world that finds itself stuck in time. In order to save humanity, some of the characters are chosen to travel to the future (depicted in the anime), and others to the past (depicted in the manga), while those who are deemed unsuitable for the technology stay in the present (depicted in the novel.)

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This was really confusing, and some research led me to the reason for that: apparently there's a manga and a light novel which respectively tell the story of the ones who go to the past and the story of those who stay in the "present", and you need to read and watch the 3 entries to get the entire story. But then the manga and LN don't have a translation so that's impossible...   As for the OVA: the story is really all over the place. Sending a couple of girls in high school uniform to the future so they can try and save the world might seem like a fantastic plan (it isn't), but nothing will work out if all they're doing in the future is catch fish and pick some weeds. And then those happenings at the end seem really fucking weird too. I guess the ending might make sense if you read the manga and LN, but it really pisses me off that they make an OVA where you're forced to read that other stuff too: if you make something, make sure it can be understood as-is, or make OVAs out of the other parts too, you dumbasses! I also think the characters are really shallow given how small the cast is, to the point where I wouldn't have given a rat's ass if they all died in the weird happenings at the end. The ending is also supposedly "emotional", but when you don't care for anything that happens to them that effect is lost too.  The only positives here are the visuals and the sound - because this anime really looks and sounds good (it's MADHOUSE, after all). However, there were not enough moments where either of those are really "outstanding". But hey, those 2 elements made me raise my score to a 4/10 Overall This is a confusing mess of an OVA, making this a fail even before it was made because of some bad pre-production decisions. I really wish the production values of this OVA would have been used for something better, and I'd suggest anyone who's thinking of watching this to go watch something better too.

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