Arabian Nights: Sinbad no Boken

Alt title: Sinbad No Boken

Movie (1 ep x 81 min)
2.921 out of 5 from 188 votes
Rank #16,182

Two young aspiring adventurers, Sinbad and Ali, find an old sailor who has washed up on the shore. With his final breath, the sailor tells them a tale of a hidden treasure and hands over the map he had held on to through his trials. And so, the two would-be heroes are off for adventure. But the road to riches is paved with hardships: their travels lead from stowing away on a ship to the sultan's dungeons -- only to escape with the sultan's daughter in tow! Armed with the power of random musical numbers, not even the ghosts of shipwrecked sailors can stop Sinbad!

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How delightful it is to delve into the realm of such vintage entertainment in our modern age, where complexity and nuance have flourished to unprecedented heights. Truly, it is a shame to review this ancient masterpiece when compared to the marvels of today's anime landscape. Oh, how far we have come!Let us delve into the story, a tale so bland and devoid of complexity that it would make even the most straightforward children's fable appear as a convoluted enigma. Prepare yourself for a journey into the realm of randomness and stupidity, where character decisions lack reason and coherence, serving solely as convenient plot devices that only gullible children might readily accept. How marvelous it is to encounter an adventure that thrusts you into the unknown without the slightest semblance of coherence or explanation!Ah, the characters, those magnificent creations with no backstories, no development, and a penchant for acting irrationally. Villains, too, are not to be outdone, for they possess motives that are both stupid and irrational or reasons that shall forever remain shrouded in mystery. And let us not forget Sinbad, the pinnacle of character stagnation and emotional vacancy. Witness his blandness, his complete lack of depth, as he single-mindedly pursues his one true passion: sailing the seas—a concept so novel and groundbreaking in the realm of Sindbad stories.Now, let us cast our gaze upon the art, a visual feast reminiscent of the cartoonish wonders of yore. Do not be startled by its appearance, for it is but a natural consequence of the anime's age. We must embrace the simplicity and embrace the fact that we have indeed progressed far beyond such visual antiquities.And what of the sound? Prepare your eardrums for the auditory experience of a lifetime! Let the incessant calling out and piercing screams wash over you, for this is the hallmark of an anime from an era long past. Take solace in the fact that you are experiencing the authentic soundscape of ancient times.In conclusion, despite the predictability of character development and the ending that was foreseen from the very beginning, there is a certain charm in the movie's ability to retain its adventurous spirit. Embrace the randomness and unpredictability that befalls our intrepid heroes on their journey, for it is indeed a welcome respite from the mundane.

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