Aquarian Age

Alt title: Aquarian Age: Sign for Evolution

TV (13 eps)
2.698 out of 5 from 1,613 votes
Rank #6,541

Kyouta and his friends just want to rock out all day and night long, and with a new record deal, it seems they'll be able to do just that. But when the women around him, including his best friend Yokko, start revealing strange powers, Kyouta finds himself at the crux of an ancient conflict, torn between love and loyalty.

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roriconfan Mar 29, 2012
Score 4/10

As much as I like Madhouse as a studio, this is one of their worst projects. The story is a complete mess and everything feels boring.

Nothing particulary bad here. The graphics and sounds feel quite average in all directions. The setting is a typical city and the supernatural effects and costumes are nothing great. So symbolic overtones and a few in-depth dialogues... read more

Dionkeykong's avatar
Dionkeykong Aug 26, 2018
Score 2.5/10

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the twisted circus.Here we have everything your every day masochist wants. Do you want anime straight from the dark circles of hell?We got it. Do you want entertainment similar to the Nazi's gas chambers?Hell yeah we got this too. But what if you're mad?What if you go past a pet shop,see cute little puppies and feel an uncontrolable urge to lick their paws? Well as it so... read more

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