Appleseed XIII - Reviews

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Mar 8, 2018

Honestly, I'm having the same problem I had with Ex Machina & no I'm not about to thoroughly break down what I believe is wrong with every little thing in this anime because I frankly don't have the time nor do I feel that is neccessary here.

This 13 part series would've been pretty good if were a stand alone, if wasn't a continuation, or better yet, didn't focus on the two iconic characters of the Appleseed universe & let me tell you why. In the beginning if you went through the effort of watching Appleseed from it's origins you would've come to know Briareos & Knute as two complimentary soldiers fighting for a grand future. Neither one was a terrible & annoying cliche as they are apparently portrayed from Ex Machina & on. That empowered, cunning, & brave woman you knew? Nope, now she's your grossly cliched wayward japanese girl who's loud, stubborn, & mischievous & cries at the drop of hat when it comes to Briareos. It's honestly degrading that they focused so much on her love for Briareos & tossed out the rest of personality to overhaul to what she is now. Briareos on ther other hand while having an overwhelmingly tough exterior was gentle only with her & they literally only ran with the first part. He almost seems so cold & stand-offish to her which is really insulting to their relationship.

Lastly, it really bugs me, so much to a point, that creators didn't seem to actually do much research on Knute because they failed to home in on the fact her mother was killed in front of her for something very important & world changing. That was the very reason she became a soldier.

Anyway, if this 13 part series is really meant to be just a reboot, it's a shitty one & it hurts me how much they degraded the iconic characters of this series to make them more "entertaining". For that, I just can't give this anime a rating above a 3.

You want to watch a good Appleseed anime? Watch anything before 2007, that's all I can reccommend.

4/10 story
4/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall