AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue

Alt title: Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm

AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue

AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue Episode 6 - Is That All You've Got?

Asuka and Misaki have made it to the second day of the qualifiers, where they will take part in the second round of matches.

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I'm Flying! I'm Actually Flying! image

Episode 1

I'm Flying! I'm Actually Flying!

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Is That All You've Got?

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Is That For FC, Too? image

Episode 10

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Episode 12

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hamletsmage hamletsmage says

Both of these anime revolve around really awesome footwear, whether you're battling with your inline skates or flying with your sneakers. Both of the anime feature a newbie to the technology witnessing some high-flying antics and immediately wanting to learn the sport involving these fancy shoes. Why not try both of these because, after all, shoes come in pairs?

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Okay, when I watched Aokana, I've been crazy about finding another anime that's almost the same as it. Air gear was the one. If you like sci-fi and mind-blowing mid-air movements, then you better watch these two! In Aokana, the characters literally fly in the air to do races. Though in Air Gear, the characters wear these roller blades and do some crazy tricks when they jump and when they're in mid-air. In anyways, I think these anime are worth watching! ^_^

Melourn Melourn says

Both shows feature a beginner at an awesome new sport (that isn't so new to them- but amazes us due to its revolutionariness) where the person must wear technology on their feet. Very cool stuff!

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Zaig Zaig says

Pinkhaired, airheaded, and clumsy Main Girl is completely new to the popular sport and gets trained by Main Guy, who is known to be the very best but has recently retired. Both have fanservice and were based on visual novels. Exact same setup here.

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YuiYui YuiYui says

These two are extemely similar, well at least in my eyes. Both have similar characters with a couple of exceptions. They are all based in a school and around these competitions between students with certain abilities. The Asterisk War it's kind of based on quite a few based on weapon whereas AOKANA is more about racing using flight. The idea of most of the cast being female as well is prominant in both, plus fanservice. If you enjoyed one you may enjoy the other.