Aoi and Mutsuki: A Pair of Queens

Alt title: Uchuu Kaizoku Mito no Daibouken: Futari no Joou-sama

TV (13 eps)
3.307 out of 5 from 134 votes
Rank #10,006

Aoi used to be a normal high school boy – that is, until he found out that his mother was a space pirate trapped in the body of a child, and then subsequently he turned into a female and became queen of the galaxy! By his side is his bodyguard and love Mutsuki, and from her 'she' has the strength to fulfill her new duties as protector of the universe. However, danger awaits the new family: the first queen of the cosmos, Hikari, has been revived, and she’s quite annoyed that a 'fake' queen is currently in charge! Space Pirate Mito, Aoi and the rest of the gang must saddle up once more to put a stop to Hikari’s evil plans and save the day!

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