Ao-chan Can't Study!

Alt title: Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

TV (12 eps x 12 min)
3.347 out of 5 from 2,234 votes
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Ao Horie's father, a popular erotic fiction author, chose Ao's name because A stands for “apple” and O stands for “orgy”! Desperate to escape her father's legacy and get into a prestigious university, Ao devotes herself to studying instead of pursuing romance. She has no time for boys, but there's just one problem: Kijima, her handsome and popular classmate, just confessed his love to her! And to make matters worse, she can't stop thinking dirty thoughts about him! Looks like escaping her father's influence will be harder than she thought.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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Ao-chan Can't Enjoy Her Youth image

Episode 1

Ao-chan Can't Enjoy Her Youth

Ao-chan Can't Easily Decline image

Episode 2

Ao-chan Can't Easily Decline

Ao-chan Can't Protect Her Lower Half image

Episode 3

Ao-chan Can't Protect Her Lower Half

Miyabi-chan Can't Be Beaten image

Episode 4

Miyabi-chan Can't Be Beaten

Ao-chan Can't Lead Virgins image

Episode 5

Ao-chan Can't Lead Virgins

Kijima-kun Can't Wait Any Longer image

Episode 6

Kijima-kun Can't Wait Any Longer

Ao-chan Can Handle the Beach image

Episode 7

Ao-chan Can Handle the Beach

Kijima-kun Lacks Stamina image

Episode 8

Kijima-kun Lacks Stamina

Ao-chan Needs More than Fantasy image

Episode 9

Ao-chan Needs More than Fantasy

Dad Can't Offer Support image

Episode 10

Dad Can't Offer Support

Ao-chan Can't Wear Silky Panties image

Episode 11

Ao-chan Can't Wear Silky Panties

Ao-chan Can't Study image

Episode 12

Ao-chan Can't Study

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*WARNING!! This anime is still airing. Review may include a little spoilers and contain some peanuts. If you are aware of them, DON'T READ IT!Have fun while reading it :)"Usuall first impression, but not really..."Learning is one of the most important things in humanity's life. It helps us to get higher education, so you can find job easily. So I wanted to learn more too(it has varied results, but who cares). Sometimes it's quite impossible, because of diffrent things. For example family events, lack of comfort and simply you fell in love or something like that. Today we will focus on last subject: love and results of it doings. Fasten seatbelts guys it gonna be a good ride!"Opposites attract!"Let's begin with characters instead of story. It's very important for the public good. So we have two characters. Ao - she don't want anyting else except learning. There is one problem(or as I should say, two of them): her dad is famous erotic fiction author. Why is it problematic? Answer is simple: Dad has destructive impact to his daughter. He only talks about sex or things related to it. One song came to my mind, but we will get to it later... By the way, he is one of the best persons in that anime.Real opposite is Kijima - simple guy who fell in love with girl and wants to get her attention. He is innocent and kind of cute. It will lead to some awkward moments, but we talk about them later."Let's the show begin!!"Story seems like other romance comedies, but has few things different. Confession is at the first episode of anime.From that moment whole fun begins. A lot of awkward moment, when Ao is thinking about mating, but Kijima is just worried about her. Rammstein's new song came to my mind when I watched first episodes: "Sex". Nothing else fits better than it. Especially chours:                                                                    "Sex! Komm zu mir                                                             Meins ist deins und das in dir                                                                   Sex! Komm mit mir                                                     Denn besser widerlich als wieder nicht                                                                   Wir leben nur einmal                                                                   Wir lieben das Leben"Which is translated like this:                                                                   "Sex! Come to me                                                       Mine is yours and that inside of you                                                                    Sex! Come with me                                                       Rather disgusting than again nothing                                                                      We only live once                                                                          We love life"We will find out while watching it. Alright, let's move on! Other characters will be problematic for that couple too, but I won't tell you about them, it's a secret ;)By the way for Ao fits one more song: "Liebie ist für alle da" of the same band. You'll find out why while watching it too!Coming back to supporting figures. They will mainly bother Ao and Kijima, that's all you should know about them."Art for art"Ok, we talked about characters and briefly about story. Now it's time for things which tigers and real otaku's like the most: Music and animation! Unfortunately I won't tell you much, because they are average things in animes. Music isn't bad, but isn't good either. The same thing is with animation. Colors fits good for genre and music. Characters look great. Nothing to complain about, period."A corner of thoughts"In a nutshell: "Ao-chan Can't study" or "Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai"(as you wish) is a good comedy romance. Relation of these two teenagers is quite rough, but normal in some moments. *I'm looking forward of the end of it! Must have for every fan of romances!!Does knowledge is  really power? You will find it out!Lives on his own way:Watashizashi         


This is one of the most hated (for unknown reasons) and also one of the best seasonal anime out there. Why? Well, let’s try to figure that out, shall we?   First - the story.  The story is pretty simple. So ... we have our main heroine, who lived in a pretty pervy environment all her life. Think ‘ecchi - the life experience’ ride that contains Your weird father that’s a midget (he’s not a little person … he’s an unrealistic midget) that’s also as pervy as they come. No mother and no woman's perspective on romance whatsoever. Imagined that blissful experience? Great. Then imagine that life and personal experiences confronted with a real-life romance – and I don’t mean ‘anime romance’ with a tsundere love interest … I mean real life. This is what this show is really about. While the story is a well-formed mishmash of cliches and well-used tropes it still feels … fresh in some way. It’s a new take on a well-used genre as far as I’m concerned. Having said that this is a slice of life (albeit a weird one) anime so the meat and bones of the show are its characters. Second: the animation. The animation is .. there. I’m sure it was. It wouldn’t be anime without it right? Third: the sound. See the ‘animation’ part but change ‘animation’ to ‘sound design’   Fourth: the characters. The characters of the series are … weird. They can be good and well developed and shallow and predictable at the same time. How is that possible? Well, the whole show revolves around taking well known and boring tropes and making them realistic and comedic at the same time. The boring male character is a somewhat relatable, good guy. The tsundere girl is a weird woman reaching her adolescence without any knowledge relationships besides raunchy anime and light novels. It’s very much otaku lifestyle made incarnate. This is a personal opinion and I know many people did not like our protagonist, but I felt she’s like a real person all the way through. Meaning: I was infuriated how illogical she acted – which  (to the best of my knowledge) is one of the staples of real-life relationships and emotional reactions to life. Verdict: Check it out. It’s a pretty good albeit a little pretty self-indulgent story about romance. I liked it very much and I’m willing to bet good that money most of You will like it too ... if you ignore the ‘cliche’ moments of the series that are there to turn the known tropes of romcom anime on its head.

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