Antique Bakery

Alt title: Seiyou Kottou Yougashiten: Antique

TV (12 eps)
3.434 out of 5 from 3,174 votes
Rank #3,499

Tachibana has recently quit his job at a high-class firm, and for unknown reasons, decides to open a bakery. His first employee is Ono, an extremely talented patissier who is also known as the 'Gay of demonic charm' - something that has caused him to lose his job countless times. Joining the crew also is Eiji - a retired champion boxer - who is hired on the spot as only a trainee purely because he is not Ono's 'type.' However, Chikage, the bumbling childhood friend and shadow of Tachibana, is exactly his type! Now, with the shop finally open, everyone seems to be filling their positions well; but one question remains: what were Tachibana's motives for opening the bakery, and does it have a link to his troubled and forgotten past?

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mariprosa Oct 18, 2008
Score 7.5/10

If anime series revolving around food are of any comparable measure, one can expect them to have an illuminating, if not downright addicting, feel to their overall atmosphere.  Antique Bakery happens to revolve around a group of handsome gents that manage a cake factory, and honestly, I haven't watched a series with such a nice, calming atmosphere that pulls you into the realm of the treat... read more

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sarwor248 Oct 7, 2009
Score 9.5/10

This is one of the first anime I've seen handle homosexuality in a realistic way. Instead of being a flimsy excuse for pretty boys to be together, it is actually shown in context within our society and is shown from many angles. The characters seem so real, and the animation is beautiful. It is funny and beautiful all at the same time. I felt so satisfied by the end, and just wish there was more of it. read more

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Antique Bakery
  • Vol: 4; Ch: 19
  • 2000 - 2002

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