Another: Misaki Mei - Shizuka ni

Music Video (1 ep x 4 min)
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Sianeka Jan 30, 2014
Score 2/10

This is just a short music video extra that came bundled with the Blu-Raybox set for the Another series. It is basically just a series of pictures of a chibified Mei Misaki in various settings set to a light ballad. It has very little animation, just some Flash movement for the background and none of the pictures of Mei herself are animated. The uncredited song is pleasant but unremarkable. This is a peaceful... read more

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SlimyRat May 1, 2018
Score 2.5/10

CUTE, ENJOYABLE, BUT NOTHING SPECIAL...  This is a little music short, with little pictures of. It's cute and fun as a little extra, but it's nothing special or original. It doesn't have any sort of outstanding animation or story behind it. It just seems to kind of be all in good fun. The tune and lyrics of the song aren't bad either but this isn't the greatest Anime related song I've heard, nor am I much... read more

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