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Alt title: Another: The Other - Inga

OVA (1 ep)
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This special episode of Another was released in the manga after the original story, so I watched it after watching the main series, and I recommend others do the same, even though it is given an episode number before the first episode of the series. This prequel story is set in a timeline just before the series begins, and the episode ends where the series starts. The story's focus is the relationship between Mei Misaki and her twin sister Misaki Fujioka. The two girls were separated shortly after birth and are being raised by sisters. Due to a tragic stillborn birth by Kirika Misaki, her sister, who had recently given birth to twin girls which she cannot afford, gives one to the grief stricken Kirika. Some of the nuances of this story would be missing for viewers who watch this before they see the main series, but it is a nice addition if you have seen the series. It gives a bit more insight and personality to the character of Mei, and since characterization is one of the chief flaws of the main series, this episode strengthens the entire viewing experience. Technical stuff: the animation is not too different from the anime; though not quite as detailed, it gives much of the same feel. Similarly, the sound is not as atmospheric or mood-setting as in the anime, but it doesn't need to be and thus works serviceably enough. Opening and ending themes are the same as used in the main anime. Unlike the main series, this is not a horror story nor a psychological chiller. It is merely a glimpse of Mei's past and a brief portrait of two loving sisters.


I loved the show Another, as much as I could and then finally! I found an episode practically just for Mei and Misaki! The story of this was phenonminal! Every moment felt real to me, as if I was the boy they had told about dopelgangers, or I was in the ferris wheel when Misaki fell out and finally let go. For some reason I just couldn't help but get sucked into the plot. And of course, the animation was just amazing. And as realistic as I would have liked, not REALISTIC, but enough to make me feel inside of the plot and it looked really cool too. (My standards aren't very high, but not low either for the prettiness of my shows). The sound/music. Now, it wasn't BAD, but it wasn't something I would love to sit and listen to almost non-stop. And at some points in seemed really, REALLY oddly placed. I could understand noises from the amusement park, but I kept hearing music, and it just sounded weird. It could have just been me hearing things though. I'm not sure if there was music playing there. (Whelp. >. <) Now we get to the characters! Somet hings weren't described or told quite right, you cuould assume that Misaki was Mei's sister with ease, but for those who hadn't watched Another it could have been confused. Had Misaki been a clone? No, just twins, but when Sakakibara-kun appeared I got really confused. Not because his part in the story was confusing, simply because it was quick and straight in. No time period between Misaki's end and Sakakibara's appearance. Overall, on my first take I would have absolutely said ten! But thinking really hard about it, the music wasn't well placed/good enough, to me, to earn this a ten. So I'll have to give it a nine or eight. ^^ Really amazing episode, just like the entire series for Another~!

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