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A group of pitiable girls live their days with energy and cheer in this encouraging school comedy. All the students of Tennogofune Academy's Class 1-7 seem to be plagued by "bad karma," or misfortune. Hanakoizumi An the unlucky, Hibarigaoka Ruri of the tragic love stories, Kumegawa Botan with her perpetually poor health, Hagyuu Hibiki with her bad sense of direction, and Ekoda Ren with constant women troubles have just joined the class, and they're all doing their best to live their high school lives as happily as they can...

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An Unfortunate First Day of School image

Episode 1

An Unfortunate First Day of School

The High-Tech Physical Exam image

Episode 2

The High-Tech Physical Exam

My First Happiness Training image

Episode 3

My First Happiness Training

A Mysterious Penalty image

Episode 4

A Mysterious Penalty

Getting Lost on the Way to School image

Episode 5

Getting Lost on the Way to School

A Field Trip With Everyone image

Episode 6

A Field Trip With Everyone

Visiting Hanako image

Episode 7

Visiting Hanako

Fighting Final Exams image

Episode 8

Fighting Final Exams

A Stormy Group Lesson image

Episode 9

A Stormy Group Lesson

Our Summer Vacation image

Episode 10

Our Summer Vacation

A Stormy Outdoor School image

Episode 11

A Stormy Outdoor School

A Happy Outdoor School image

Episode 12

A Happy Outdoor School

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Hantajira's avatar
Hantajira Apr 21, 2016
Score 9/10

A school life/ slice of life show about those born with ill luck. A delightful and wonderfully upbeat show that puts a nice spin on making the most out of life.  read more

AngelBeatsYui's avatar
AngelBeatsYui Jun 23, 2016
Score 6.8/10

Warning this Review May Contain Spoilers- Time for a Spring 2016 anime review and really this was one of the most underrated series of the season, yeah at first you are probably under the impression that this is another cute girls do stuff and that is pretty much what it is but it is worth watching. So it follows a group of girls who are really unlucky doing things that is suppsed to improve their karma but it... read more

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