Alt titles: Princess Anmitsu, Sugar Princess

TV (51 eps)
1986 - 1987
3.459 out of 5 from 35 votes
Rank #6,764

This is the samurai era in the late 17th century in Japan. There is a princess called Sugar Princess, who is a bright and cheerful girl. Sugar Princess is loved by not only her retainers in the castle, but also people in her whole town.Strange and amazing things happen around her. Although it is still the 17th century, people drive cars and use high technology. Sugar Princess has friends from overseas and knows an inventor who creates new devices. She even encounters a UFO! Sugar Princess has many misadventures and causes trouble in her town. The whole town and castle is full of surprise!Adding the latest technology and culture to a Japanese traditional society, the story of Sugar Princess creates a special dream-like world of joy.

Source: Studio Pierrot

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