Animal Crossing

Alt title: Doubutsu no Mori

Movie (1 ep x 90 min)
3.411 out of 5 from 1,804 votes
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Young Ai has decided to move away from home and start a new life on her own, and her travels take her to the colorful and friendly Animal Village! Upon her arrival, Ai is pushed into a job at the local shop (under the watchful eyes of Tanukichi); and in no time at all, she becomes friends with a variety of friendly and odd characters such as Bouquet the cat and Sally the elephant. As the seasons pass, Ai’s life remains a fun adventure – and one evening, she finds a mysterious message in a bottle telling her that if she plants a tree, on the night of the Winter Festival something mysterious will happen… what will it be?

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I love the Animal Crossing video games. I'd even go so far as to say they're my favourite game franchise ever. So I was willing to check out the anime movie adaption of it. I was also confused on how something like Animal Crossing could possibly be turned into a movie... Story: The main premise of the games is that you're a new resident to a small town. You earn money, decorate your house, talk to people, go fishing and stuff like that... So how the Hell do you turn that into a story? Well, you don't really... The first bit of the movie definitely feels like an Animal Crossing Game. It's basically just introduction on the characters and how everything works (much like the introduction to the games.) Of course they do try to cram some plot in there later on, but nobody gives a shit about plot in Animal Crossing. Animation: Character designs are all pretty much spot on. The animation itself is also pretty good and the style fits prefectly. Sound: I'm not exactly sure what the characters are suppose to sound like since they don't have real voices in the games and I don't typically listen to them so I'll assume they're all fairly accurate here. The music is pretty much all taken directly from the games which I love.  Character: With such a large number of characters a lot of them don't really get any development. They just sort of appear, do something and then leave... Just like in the games! At least they weren't constantly asking Ai to change their stupid catchphrase or greeting every goddamn day... Um... Moving on... Overall: While this movie wasn't anything special I'd still recommend it to anyone who really, really enjoys the games or simply likes light family friendly anime.

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