Angels of Death (Web)

Alt title: Satsuriku no Tenshi (Web)

Web (4 eps x 24 min)
Fall 2018
3.846 out of 5 from 6,288 votes
Rank #1,705

Episodes 13-16 of Angels of Death.

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I'm not Your God.

Episode 1

I'm not Your God.

Swear you will be killed by me.

Episode 2

Swear you will be killed by me.

A vow cannot be stolen

Episode 3

A vow cannot be stolen

Stop crying and smile

Episode 4

Stop crying and smile

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This is my first ever review so please don't take everything I type here seriously. Felt like writing one after THAT ending, honestly. I'll try to keep it spoiler-free as much as I can.  Also, I curse a lot in this review so if you don't like that then don't read it bros. Honestly, I quite liked it. The animation was a bit wonky at times but other than that I loved everything about it. Rachel's backstory was horrifying for me and one of the things that made me like this show.  I felt a bit off about daniel since he literally doesn't fucking die! Man's immortal, I'm telling you.  The priest was also a great character overall and was mysterious as hell. I also got hyped the moment I heard his voice because, you know... JIRAIYA! Also was confused a lot with him but still liked him a lot. Zack is as awesome as ever. My favourite character in this anime and I felt like shit when I found out what happened to him. His character was just great and never failed to give me chills or make my hype. ggwp Also, most people really didn't like the ending all that much, since it was pretty sad and not what people expected. But I on the other hand loved it. It was the perfect ending even though it fucked with my head very hard. Definitely one of the endings I will remember forever since it was just that good. Final Thoughts: I recommend this anime to anyone who wants to watch different kinds of anime or anyone who's interested in psychological and horror genres. 7/10. That's it for my first ever review and let me know if there should be more things I should cover or anything that I should improve on. Thanks for Reading!

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