Angels of Death (Web)

Alt title: Satsuriku no Tenshi (Web)

Web (4 eps x 24 min)
Fall 2018
3.865 out of 5 from 6,181 votes
Rank #1,515

Episodes 13-16 of Angels of Death.

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I'm not Your God.

Episode 1

I'm not Your God.

Swear you will be killed by me.

Episode 2

Swear you will be killed by me.

A vow cannot be stolen

Episode 3

A vow cannot be stolen

Stop crying and smile

Episode 4

Stop crying and smile

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-Contains spoilers for the ending- I really enjoyed the series up until the last episode. That ending came out of nowhere and completely broke my suspension of disbelief. This gave me bad flashbacks from Future Diary where everything could be easily explained by saying it's magic but the author desperately wants the setting to be the real world. Up until the last episode, I honestly thought we were is some sort of limbo where Rachel, who maybe committed the sin of killing herself, had to suffer through before being allowed to reincarnated or go to heaven/hell. However, as we see in the final episode, they were in some sort of underground dungeon all along that I assume exists in the real world, probably USA. This suddenly makes several parts of the story make no sense: What was the mysterious purple smoke that the Gray the priest used to hypnotise Rachel? How was he not affected? Why does he not have eyeballs? How do the characters teleport all over the place when the story needs them to? How do the characters recover from mortal wounds so easily? Seriously, Danny seems to have been killed at least 3 times but keeps coming back. Zack himself lost like 5 litres of blood but is still alive. How did they build this massive structure and kidnap and torture people and not get caught? All this inconsistencies could easily be explained if they were in some sort of fantastical setting or if it was all happening in Rachel’s head. IMO, the series would have been much better if after escaping the dungeon, they pulled a Wizard of Oz and Rachel just woke up in her bed having dreamed the whole thing and maybe Zack is her step-brother etc and maybe she no longer feels like killing herself after the shit-show with her parents. Overall, 5/10. The ending ruined an otherwise great show.

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