Angel's Feather

OVA (2 eps)
2.165 out of 5 from 2,486 votes
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Hamura Shou is a young man who has been searching for his long lost younger brother named Kai since childhood. After transferring to an all-boys school, he manages to find him – but Kai denies it, and him in the process. Meanwhile, in the magical world of Winfield, the white-winged beings of the royal family have been killed and exiled, leaving the throne to its enemies. Through a series of events, the link between Earth and Winfield will be revealed – a link which will turn friends against each other, and cause tragedies to occur.

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sothis Jul 9, 2007
Score 2.5/10

Oh lord.In my endless quest to add as many things to the AniRec, I picked up Angel's Feather. Not only is it a short OVA, but it's also shounen-ai - a genre which usually means no one will add it unless I do it myself. I guess there's one silver lining on the cloud: at least it was only two episodes.See, the title "Angel's Feather" is actually incorrect. I have good... read more

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PurpleCatAngel Feb 14, 2012
Score 4/10

Even though this OVA is good, it would've been better if there was more plot to the story. The characters were good, but they don't tell how Kai and Shou got separated and who the Black Winged dude with the eye-patch was at the end of the second OVA. They don't even continue with what happened with Naoto and if Nagi really was dead. I wish it would be a full series with a better plot and better storyline. I... read more



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