Angel's 3Piece!

Alt title: Tenshi no 3P!

TV (12 eps)
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Angel's 3Piece!

A shut-in ever since he had a traumatic experience, Nukui Hibiki's biggest hobby has been using vocalization software to create and uploading songs online. One day, he receives an email from some fifth-grader girls, asking to meet and discuss something with him. The three girls, who have grown up together almost like siblings, ask him to help them show their gratitude to the people who have taken care of them. The method they've devised? Putting on a successful concert at a place full of memories.

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■■■ Story & Characters ■■■ The first two episodes were off to a pretty good start for me; I'm a musical gear nerd and musician/mixer myself, and I really loved the way they focussed on that. I thought this would be a sort of K-ON!, cute girls doing cute things with a focus on music. But that focus changed pretty quickly, making it a very bold loli-fanservice show. The overall plot that they kinda touched on in the first episodes pretty much disappeared to the background, only giving you the generic slice-of-life/iyashikei episodes. That isn't necessarily bad, but they could have done more with the direction they were going in. Also the loli-fanservice is pretty disturbing at times, and that's coming from someone who usually doesn't really mind ecchi. This show just tries WAY too hard to cater to only a specific group of people, if you get my drift. Just a pretty weak story overall, feels like they weren't sure which direction to go.  The characters are not that memorable, but just okay. Nothing you haven't seen yet. I liked Ro-kyu-bu better, which this is basically a spiritual sequel to. ■■■ Art & Animation ■■■ Just fine. It's a bright and colorful artstyle, and they were able to portray the girls in a pretty cute way. I think they used a bit more detail than most other series like this would have, but it's not really something special. BG art was just good. I liked how detailed all the instruments and musical equipment was drawn in the first few episodes, even though they removed most brands, I could instantly recognise specific model numbers. ■■■ Music, Voice and SFX ■■■ I personally really like the very upbeat, very J-rocky style of most of the music that the girls performed. The OP and ED were pretty sweet as well. Some of the music they played however, doesn't really seem to fit the 3 little girls; some of the tracks are pretty heavy and complex... It's completely unrealistic to be able to play at that level so young, but it's just a story I guess. The voice acting is pretty good, just nothing unique either. ■■■ X factor/ Atmosphere ■■■ This may be a kinda weird review section to you, but I usually rate a serie by overall feel/experience: for me this means a series doesn't necessarily need to have the most high-end animation, complex story or most unique characters to still make an anime very enjoyable or memorable to me. The atmosphere wasn't really that strong here, this anime doesn't have a very unique or special feel to it. It's just pretty generic. Most of it came from the performed tracks and OP/ED. Not very memorable, just kinda enjoyable.


Project 9’s 2017 musical drama brings the audience a whole bunch of original story lines but lacks refinement. Key character Kyou Nukui should have started High School four weeks ago but hasn’t summoned the strength to go in. He is a sensitive lad traumatised by the whispering campaign against him started in Middle School. He has special talent for song-writing and loads his compositions online where they catch the attention of three young girls. The girls contact him to enlist his help in getting their band ready for a concert they are planning at their orphanage. The orphanage is to close and they wish to create some special memories. Kyou agrees to help but it means abandoning his online friend Koume Ogi who has been sending him illustrations to accompany his work. There is trouble ahead for the boy with both his sister and schoolfriend wading in to make his life complicated. The girls in the band (Jun, Nozomi and Sora) quickly grow attached to Kyou but they are a few years younger than him and dress as cliched loli-dolls complete with long hair and bows. This aspect of the story is quite a theme. Despite the story having some serious point, and genuine drama, the visuals often seem at odds with this. What is more, many of the stronger plot elements are blunted by a facile treatment that leaves events unbelievable. In fact, large chunks of the story actually make little sense whatsoever. It shows immense originality and can sometimes be a joy to watch as long as the audience suspends their disbelief. The lack of sophistication in delivering the story weighs heavily on the show’s delivery. Just as you think something is really going to kick the story into high gear the writing fluffs-it and opts for a silly and overly-simple plot solution. Hence the show never really goes to the place it promises. It always falls just a little bit short of being a little gem. Disappointing but still a pleasure to watch – mainly for the musical content.

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