Angel Sanctuary

Alt title: Tenshi Kinryoku

OVA (3 eps)
2.746 out of 5 from 7,361 votes
Rank #6,355

Setsuno Muda is a high school boy with a cruel fate, trapped in a forbidden love for his blood sister and inhabited by the spirit of the Organic Angel Alexiel. As the final battle between Heaven and Hell approaches, and forces gather against him, he must soon make decisions that will inevitably alter his future for better or worse. But for poor young Setsuno, his anguish and torment might be more overwhelming than the blood on his hands, as conflicts are settled and lives are changed forever...

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VivisQueen Aug 26, 2008
Score 3/10

Having sat through three episodes of what should have been an epic, exhilarating, and provocative series, I can only dredge up the following reaction from the depths of my numbed soul: uh, lol? At first glance, Angel Sanctuary has an interesting premise involving forbidden love and religious themes - not to mention all the fan art and screenshots on the internet, which give the impression that it... read more

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DreamingGold May 23, 2011
Score 1.5/10

Story I am a huge fan of this manga series, so naturally, I was excited to see the OVAs made from it. Honestly, I was shocked and appalled. The story is very, very complicated, but to sum it up: Setsuna Mudo is in incestuous love with his sister Sara. He is also the reincarnation of an angel who fought for the 'evils' and rebelled against God, Alexiel. Trouble starts when two demons show up trying to reawaken... read more

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Angel Sanctuary
  • Vol: 20; Ch: 120
  • 1995 - 2001

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