Angel Heart

TV (50 eps)
- 2006
Fall 2005
3.452 of 5 from 1,539 votes
Rank #3,246

A young assassin known as Glass Heart, trained in killing since childhood, decides to end her own life. Unknown to her, powerful people in the criminal underworld are watching her every move, and a new heart, donated by a woman recently ran over by a truck, is stolen to replace the one she ruins. But as she slowly recovers, she begins to see strange visions from the life of the heart's previous owner. She decides to pursue these visions to discover their meaning, and find a new purpose in life. What she finds is Ryo Saeba, a lecherous old detective who despite appearances, could be the answer she has looked for all her life...

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mariprosa's avatar
mariprosa Aug 28, 2008
Score 7/10

Decent anime series which manage to tug at the heart strings and also provide on-edge action sequences are literally a dime for every two dozen you manage to sift through. You're even more fortunate to find sensible comedy and effective character chemistry in the mix alongside such elements. I consider Angel Heart as something of an anomaly in the current anime spectrum in that it does all of... read more

crocshock911's avatar
crocshock911 Dec 24, 2010
Score 10/10

After watching nearly all of the top rated anime from, I have to say that Angel Heart is my favorite anime series by far!  This series is very underrated, and needs more viewers like you.   Story (9/10): The story begins with a 15-year old girl once known as "Glass Heart" waking up from a heart transplant.  She used to be an assasin, and she had killed herself to... read more

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