Angel Cop

OVA (6 eps)
1989 - 1994
2.542 out of 5 from 1,021 votes
Rank #7,831

Having become the financial capitol of the world, Tokyo is now a prime target for those that want to destabilize the world economy. To combat the rising terrorist tide, the Special Security Force is established. Tensions are high however, with both a vigilante anti-terrorist group called “Hunters” and the mysterious dr. Ichihara and his human enhancement project…

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This is one very Violent series that people forget about, and there is a reason. This series was created around the time when anime was first getting dubbed in the Western World and there was a belief that anything animated was for kids. The Dubbing Company wanted to show that this series is not for kids but for adults by adding huge amounts of curse words into the English script.Story: I gave this series a big score due to the fact that this series does something that no other series has/have done before: Being Pro-Japanese, Anti-Semitic, and Anti-American. The Company that licensed this OAV Series had to change the ending dialogue because it was first about how the Jews in America have bought the Japanese Goverment and plan to turn Japan into a Nuclear Wasteland after they have gotten their greedy paws on all the money. (In this series, Japan is leader of the global economy and they have all the money of the World) In the Dub: It is the Americans.Animation: The Background detail is great. As for Humans: This series was made for adults and thus there are no cute Girls or anything like that. All the characters look like the following: Sound: A Decent Dub full of F Words and 80's music, very bad 80's music. Sub: Far Less and better.Characters: This is nothing but an action series MADE FOR ADULTS. It is the same as an action Movie, so there is only Basic characterization. The only person I liked was Angel and that was because she was tough Cookie. Other than that, it is like the Characters are just reading off a Script with no emotions at all.Overall: I recommend you watch much better action series and leave this series as it is, forgotten. Overall: I recommend you watch much better Old action series such as Iria: Zeiram the Animation and leave this series as it is, forgotten.

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