Angel Beats! Stairway to Heaven

DVD Special (1 ep x 25 min)
4.138 out of 5 from 15,177 votes
Rank #895

As part of their ongoing rebellion, the Battlefront has decided to commence a new mission: Operation High Tension Syndrome. For one day the group will pretend to be living fulfilling school lives in the hopes of confusing Angel when they fail to. With the threat of a week-long fast hanging over their heads should they fail, everyone is putting their all into the mission. While Hinata is getting turned on by random historical figures and Takamatsu exposes his muscles at every turn, Otonashi, Fujimaki and TK work on clearing the cafeteria out of food as Noda decides to transform the after school cleaning into a frenzied race for glory - but will they achieve their objective?

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PurplePeopleEater's avatar
PurplePeopleEater Jul 31, 2015
Score 8/10

I think someone confused tension with excitement since there wasn't really a lot of tension, just a lot of excitement or enthusiasm. So other than the fact that someone can't read a dictionary and understand what they read, it was good. It's a full length episode that fits somewhere in the middle of the show. The episode uses some new ideas to be funny instead of what was often used in the main series. The... read more

MugenNeS's avatar
MugenNeS Dec 31, 2010
Score 10/10

If you haven't watched this yet, when you do you'll burst into tears. This is possibly one of the funniest episodes in the series and should be deserving of a perfect 10, but I have my reasons as to why it didn't. So lets start there...   The story and plot to this particular episode was actually comical, but the animation and sound fell just a touch short for me. The characters however continued their... read more

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